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It’s time again for another community news and announcement roundup. From time to time we bring you news from the small business community we think you may find interesting — from new website launches and resources to the latest insights from entrepreneurs and small business owners.

We take the pulse of the small business community across the Web.

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Collect the Best Ideas From Your Team (EnMast)

Sometimes the best ideas are already floating around in your organization. Devan Perine explains how she decided to collect her team’s favorite tweets on small business and leadership. The result was a valuable monthly resource for all her site’s followers.

Add Value With Online Critiques (

There are many ways to add value to your product or service. But one of the best values you can add is your expertise. Here Steve Chou explains how he created a video critique of eCommerce websites to add value to the training he offers. Those trying to start their own online stores need all the help they can get.

The Google Analytics Primer (Get Busy Media)

Many powerful resources for transforming your online business are absolutely free…for those who know how to use them. Google Analytics is probably the best example of these. Ricky Dawn gives an overview for the uninitiated.

There’s a Secret to Making Real Progress (Green Mango)

Except it’s not really a secret. It’s the result of that well-known mixture of patience, time and determination. Business consultant Roy Opata Olende likens it to a morning workout routine. Even if you do it everyday, getting in shape is a slow process.

Annie Cushing – Ask Me Anything (

Annie Cushing, who writes excellent pieces about using analytics and spreadsheets to understand data and use it better, has an “Ask Me Anything” thread going on over at  She is essentially opening up for questions and giving answers.  A lot of gems are in that thread.  It’s technical stuff, but if you want to learn how to work your data better, this is a good start.

Crappy Content Won’t Cut It (Function Writing Group)

We’ve all heard about the importance of creating content, and lots of it, in an effort to market ourselves and our brands. But content that is not well researched and does not really teach readers anything — or worse yet is unnecessary — is simply a waste of resources. Kelvin Cech explains why.

Viral Content Isn’t Everything (Resonance)

Marketing consultant Rachel Parker talks about the myth of viral content in this podcast. Do you really need to create it? How much will it really help your business in the end? Rachel also adds this thoughtful comment about why viral content may not be the Holy Grail some online marketers suggest.

50 College Entrepreneurship Programs (Entrepreneur)

Increasingly, entrepreneurs are able to locate just about any resource they need online. And now that includes entrepreneurship programs at the college and university level. BizSugar member Ryan Donegan shares this interactive map of 50 top entrepreneurship programs in the U.S.

We hope you enjoyed another edition of the community news and announcement roundup. And now, how about taking a minute or two to help make things even better.

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  1. Annie Cushing – Ask Me Anything seems like the deal. She offers free advise for nothing which could help out the newbie entrepreneurs out there.

  2. Google Analytics is a great tool to learn lots of things about your visitor’s behavior. It does have a somewhat steep learning curve so any primer is recommended.

  3. I like how Steve Chou added value through online critiques. I need all the help I can get for starting an online store. This came just in time as I am looking into Volusion and Shopify. This got me to click the button and pay the site a visit.