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Is the Aio Wireless ZTE Velox Tablet For You?

zte velox

Smartphone screens are just a wee bit small after you hold a 10-inch or 7-inch tablet. According to different research studies, smartphone users often purchase a tablet. My guess is that many business owners are also parents who are tired of giving up their smartphone when a child calls for a device. But they want a tablet that can be useful for work, too.

If that sounds like you, then this review of the Aio Wireless ZTE Velox tablet is for you.

A Look at the Aio Wireless ZTE Velox Tablet

Aio Wireless is a no-contract cell phone provider (built on AT&T’s network) that also offers a tablet for $15/month. You purchase the ZTE Velox tablet first, for about $180 at press time, and then choose data plan options.

Here are a few ZTE Velox tablet specs:

The device itself feels a bit heavier than other 7-inch tablets I have used, but not much heavier. You can hold it as a phone, in a pinch. So the 7-inch size is a good size for daily use, wandering around town or going from appointment to appointment. Particularly when you do not want to haul a laptop or need a slightly bigger screen (beyond your phone).

zte velox

As someone who uses the Google Nexus 10 on a daily basis, I would not opt for the 7-inch personally. If I was only working from my Samsung S3 and wanted just a bit more screen, this size device is perfect and I would buy it.

What I Really Like:

What I Would Like to See:

Despite my two small concerns, the ZTE Velox tablet is a solid tablet that can serve as a small business workhorse at an affordable price with a built in 3G wireless and WiFi capability.

You can find more powerful tablets, but not in this price range, with these options, without a contract. If you have been in the market for a tablet with loads of good features and one that lets you work remotely, the ZTE Velox from Aio Wireless [1] is a great candidate.

Aio Wireless sent me a short term media loaner for this review.

Images: Aio