Amazon Introduces New Payment Option for Online Merchants

amazon log in and pay

For online merchants, one of the biggest challenges is providing a payment solution customers will want to use.

There’s no point in offering that one of a kind product at an unbelievable price if it’s too much of a hassle for visitors to sign in with their credit cards and place an order.

There are, of course, a ton of ecommerce and online shopping cart solutions for small businesses. Some of the best known solutions, of course, are from PayPal, Google Wallet and Check Out by Amazon.

Credit card reader Square has even created an online market for its merchants to try to make the process of selling products online easier.

Now, Amazon is offering a new service, Amazon Log In and Pay, the company says will encourage Amazon customers to buy from your site. See more in the video below:

Amazon Log In and Pay

The main draw of the new Amazon Log In and Pay program seems to be that Amazon customers can sign in and buy from you using their existing account. The program differs from the older Checkout by Amazon, which requires only copying and pasting a snippet of HTML into your site. It also appears to offer a bit more integration than the older service.

Amazon says you get started with the new program by signing up for an Amazon Payments seller account and embedding a set of widgets and APIs on your site.

The company says its sellers get customers’ names, email addresses and postal codes when those customers log in with Amazon. This should mean you can build relationships with them and market to them in the future.

And, of course, Amazon says payments can be made on any device so mobile payments should be taken care of too.

Amazon says its new payment method also allows you to add options for pre-orders, split-orders and in-store pick-up. There is also fraud protection and free phone support.

Be aware you’ll need your legal business name, contact information, a card and a U.S. address to sign up.

Image: Amazon

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  1. Hi Shawn,

    Great Information.

    Although this could become an actually large-scale risk to PayPal if it were to permit the processing of payments for non Amazon-listed goods, too, building it more eye-catching to all Web developers to set up eventually.

  2. As if the one-click purchase on wasn’t dangerous enough for me, now I’ve got this option? Genius move on the part of Amazon since so many people have accounts and the holiday season is coming up.