“Bouncing” Into a New Startup Office Space

business startup cartoon

I was reading something recently about open office layouts and was trying to think of a cartoon to play with that idea, but it’s not something I have any experience with.

The last time I had a ‘normal job’ we were all in cubicles. Which got me thinking about enclosed spaces, which got me thinking, of course, about bouncy houses.

And then this cartoon popped out.

I don’t pretend to fully understand how my head works sometimes, I’m just glad it continues to.


Mark Anderson Mark Anderson's cartoons appear in publications including Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and Harvard Business Review. His business cartoons are available for licensing at his website, Andertoons.com.

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  1. I HATE open office layouts. I prefer the privacy of an office or even a cube. Funny cartoon. I relate to it in that at my office, near the end of the day, people start bouncing around from desk to desk pretending to be busy.

    • Not the case for me. I don’t like enclosed spaces. Makes me feel sad than focused. I can always tune out people through music if I need to be extremely focused but it is less stressful for me to keep myself connected to other people.

  2. Looks like more fun than a foosball table!

  3. As much as everyone hates the cubicle work spaces, they have been proven very effective at keeping employees focused and increasing their work output. I don’t mind the lack of openness, if my work space has too many distractions, I won’t get much done at all.

  4. Martin Lindeskog

    In this working environment you could bounce back and forth your business ideas with your co-workers in an easy way! 😉

  5. To be fair I’d trade my open space for a bouncy castle any day 🙂

  6. Hahaaaaaaaa! A bouncy castle for office space! Brilliant!

    I’d actually quite like that, especially during summer. 🙂