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  1. I would like to add another type of customer.

    “For the better” customer:Those that like the company and are repeat customers. They keep to themselves unless they see something needs improvement. They will speak up to the organization so that they next time they go back it improves or is in the process. These customers speak to the organization not making a big deal out of it. It is purely for the customer’s own satisfaction so they can feel like they are making a difference.

  2. I think that a complaint is a terrible thing to hear, but it is necessary to the well being of your company. It can be used as a tool to get things back on track or make things better for your customers in the future.

  3. Complaints are better than people sulking away in silence…at least there is a chance to improve and satisfy the customer!

    • That’s right. Complaints is a sign that something is lacking. You can go at it in two ways. You can be very defensive about it and do nothing or you can see it as a chance to improve. We all know that wise business owners take the second route.

  4. In my design business, I always tell my clients the best feedback we can get is “you nailed it!” But the second best feedback we can get is, “you totally missed the mark.” When we screw up, we get more information about how to do it right the next time. That’s invaluable to us.

    • Ann

      Indeed, constructive feedback is what we want. It’s the secret to product/service development 🙂

      When we get negative feedback, we tend to defend ourselves. Our ego often blur our motive. With that being said, a company which culture cherishes negative feedback will definitely find success!

  5. The constructive complaint by a customer via social media could be turned around and the customer could become a new ambassador for the company.

  6. One additional step that a company should take is to determine their Lifetime Customer Value (LCV). This will help guide them on how and when to resolve a customer complaint so that the resolution is Win/Win.

  7. Agreed but hard to figure out Life time value these days with so much social sharing going on!

  8. That’s right. When you’re not hearing much from your customers, then you need to reach out to them more often. An ignorant bliss doesn’t go very well in business, so customer complaint is more than what you need to build your service better.

  9. I could not let the irony of the moment pass. I read this post soon after reading a customer complaint against Air France going viral on social media and AF trying hard to turn a deaf ear to a customer’s voice. It’s interesting really.

    For the inquisitive ones – search for Jay Shah and AF.

  10. Do you believe in “blessings in disguise”? Well, that complaint is one excellent example. Use it to your advantage—to make your company and your customer service better. This way, you have a better chance of making your clients happy, and ultimately, having them as loyal customers.