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8 Assets to Boost Your Likeability


“Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.” ~ John Wooden

This is not some secret sauce, code or insider information and it’s not complicated. Likeability is a powerful, intangible super power to have.

I’ve been stepping up my networking lately to open up new relationships and communities. In observing how people approach networking, I clearly see how powerful likeability is. It opens doors and it doesn’t hurt that you bring a smile to someone’s face when they meet you or talk about you to others.

As a small business branding and social media strategist, people are always asking me how they can generate more connections, leads and make more sales. Likeability is a big key in achieving this.

Truth is likeability, trust, character and the experience we create for people and each other are absolutes. Likeability has won presidential elections, has fueled comebacks and has sold millions of movie tickets.

Likeonomics: The Unexpected Truth Behind Earning Trust, Influencing Behavior, and Inspiring Action [1] by Rohit Bhargava begins and ends with the idea that:

Personal relationships are the only currency that matters.

Remember companies don’t hire or refer you, people do. So likeability is a great way to get things started.

Aside from the obvious things that consultants, experts, authors and psychologists recommend, below are the top assets that I believe make us more likeable and trustworthy to each other.

How to Boost Your Likeability

Be Knowledgeable

Smarts, emotional intelligence and being knowledgeable about what we do can apply to carpentry or engineering. Be a student of your industry and know the most you can about it. Don’t try to fudge your way through things because they are “hot.”  You’ll be exposed for what you don’t know quickly.

Your goal is to be thought of as “the best of” in your field.

Be Credible

Establish your expertise over time and leverage all the results, testimonials and people you touch and help.

Publish a book, blog, speak, write, volunteer or take on a project so people can see you in action.

Be Honest

Stick with the truth and it will always set you free. If you screw up or make a mistake, come forward and come clean as soon as you can in the most appropriate way.

Take a cue from Tiger Woods, Martha Stewart, Robert Downey Jr. or Bill Clinton.

Be Pleasant

Create the most enjoyable experience you can with people, so that they remember you for that.  Deliver it whenever you have an opportunity to.

Be Optimistic

Nothing is worse than negative complainers who always see the glass as half empty. It’s a downer and won’t advance your charisma. Find the silver lining, the ray of light in the clouds and work on your positivity.

Good energy is viral.

Be Consistent

I would say this one quality has more impact on success today than most. Consistency allows people to know what to expect from us and keeps us in front of  them.

Even moderate consistency of good work can yield results and work really well.

Be Engaged

Meet Generation C [2], the connected culture and customer. Being digitally and socially connected is valuable capital today.

Using  influence, clout and community to educate and inspire is a brand asset that can advance not only you, but colleagues, ideas, issues and yes – sales.

Be Caring

The power of kindness, caring and tolerance never, ever goes out of style, so make it a brand accessory daily.  Especially in the Generation C (connectivity) culture and younger generations, it is indispensable.

So build character and reputation around this.

If you think about people that you like a lot, what are the qualities and assets that you like about them?

Popular Concept [3] Photo via Shutterstock