LinkedIn Turns Smartphone Into Recruiting Tool

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Search for that ideal job candidate. Contact him or her quickly for a screening interview. Then make notes on the candidate’s profile. And do all of this from your smartphone inside a single app all in minutes on the way to the office.

Sound too good to be true? It may not be.

LinkedIn, the professional social network, says it is streamlining the recruitment process with a new app called Recruiter Mobile.

In a recent post on the LinkedIn Talent Blog, Parker Barrile, Senior Director of Product at LinkedIn explains:

People are more mobile than ever before. Yet recruiters like you, and the recruiting process, are still chained to the desktop. That has made it painstakingly difficult for candidates to search for, discover and apply for jobs via mobile. It has also limited your productivity because you can’t interact with candidates and hiring managers while on the go.

Introducing LinkedIn Recruiter Mobile

The idea is pretty simple.

LinkedIn says the app makes it easy to browse the site’s 238 million members with your job criteria. You can read their profiles and even get hiring manager feedback on the candidates you’re interested in.

Then message members through LinkedIn and take followup notes on the candidate’s profile for review later or to forward to your HR department or hiring manager.

Here’s a simple overview of the app in action.

Users without an iPhone can access the app on other devices from LinkedIn. But, in either case, you will need to have a premium LinkedIn Recruiter account to use the app.

Image: LinkedIn

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  1. LinkedIn is a great platform and has some great options out there for advertisers and recruiters. Thanks for the update.

  2. I always thought that LinkedIn is a great place to get connections. I think that it is also the perfect place to recruit new people. I think that this is just perfect – an app that lets you search through people’s profiles. It increases your chance of hiring the right people.

  3. I need to start using LinedIn more effectively. It seems like a good business platform that can be very helpful, but I am still not sure where to start aside from signing up and doing a little marketing.