$3 Million in Grants Will Go To Twelve Small Businesses

mission main street grants

Twelve small companies stand to receive $250,000 each in grants as part of  a small business competition, The Main Street Grants Program. They’ll also win a two day trip to Google headquarters for an intensive small business marketing workshop.

Small business lender Chase announced its Mission Main Street Grants Program (#MissionMainSt) this week. Owners of small businesses meeting the criteria should visit the Mission Main Street Grants site and fill in a business profile and grant questionnaire to enter.

Businesses can sign up for the program through October 31, 2013, by completing the profile and questionnaire.

After that, there’s a multi-stage process (see diagram above).  Visitors to the site may vote for their favorite business from Oct. 1 through Nov. 15 using Facebook Connect.

Businesses must receive at least 250 votes to be eligible for for the final round evaluation in the grants. So, obviously, mobilizing social followers is a good strategy at least to get your small business into the running.

Main Street Grants Program Entry Requirements

The program is open to U.S. owned small businesses that have been in operation for two or more years (sorry, no early stage startups). Entrants must employ fewer than 100 full-time people annually. But Chase provides a somewhat more lengthy list of rules you should look over if you’re considering entering, so that you know whether your business meets all eligibility requirements.

A group of 12 expert panelists will choose the final 12 grant recipients from the pool of eligible businesses. Winners will be announced in January, 2014.

What Would You Do with $250,000?

In a recent Google Hangout, four 2012 grant recipients talk about how winning $250,000 helped them grow their businesses.

What would your business do with an extra $250,000?

The money might be enough to build a prototype, put a new product into production, open a new location or just grow the business with added investment.

Chase says winners will also receive a special advertising offer from Google, premium sponsor of the grant competition, and access to a special social media toolkit.


Shawn Hessinger Shawn Hessinger is the Executive Editor for Small Business Trends and a professional journalist with more than 20 years experience in traditional and digital media for trade publications and news sites. He is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists and has served as a beat reporter, columnist, editorial writer, bureau chief and managing editor for the Berks Mont Newspapers.

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  1. In the state that our economy is in, this could be big for a small business. I could definitely expand into a much needed space.

  2. For most SMBs a quarter million dollars would be a huge shot in the arm and would open a large array of opportunities that might have been prohibited by cash flow or the general state of the economy.

    • I’m really excited about this. More than excellence, this is also a nice way for small business owners to meet each other and exchange ideas. The trip to Google headquarters is also a very valuable add-on.

  3. The extra quarter million dollars might be enough to build a prototype, put a new product into production, or just grow the business with added investment.

  4. I think 250.000 00 would really help me and my business to get back on top. On 10-29-2012
    I lost my business to super storm Sandy. I am still struggling trying to re-open my business I have not got any form of help, so this grant would really be a big help to my family and i.

  5. $250,000 for a single business means a lot, especially for a growing or small business. However, this life changing amount will be given to only 12 companies. The number is too small. I believe this amount should be given to at least 100 companies if the economy really wants to witness unprecedented jump in employment. In fact, increasing domestic demand is need of the hour. That’s why the FED should pump in more money in the economy by doling out more such offers to small businesses, across different states of the USA to make the economy revive.

  6. Wow!!!!!This would catapult a small business into a whole new reality! It would be a life changer for many people involved! What an incredible and generous opportunity.

  7. We are working very hard to preserve our neighborhoods here in indianapolis and this would be a huge boost to our efforts a swill allow us to employ 10 employees instantly. We estimate a growth of 800% in business over the next 2 years with this. We are stoked to just be in the running! I could only imagine how many tears will fall if this dream comes true for our friends family employees and neighbors here in the community.

  8. Niquenya Fulbright

    Please help Building Bridges Chicago LLC win! We are a small business consulting and executive coaching firm specializing in transforming dreamers into successful entrepreneurs. We do this by connecting small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs to the knowledge and resources necessary to build a profitable, sustainable, and successful business model. Voting for us means that you are not only helping our small business, but also all the other small businesses we serve.

    Please visit our profile on Chase Mission Main Street and give us your vote! We need 250 just to qualify!