Best Buy Offers Microsoft Surface Trade In

microsoft surface trade in

If you business is interested in quickly liquidating its existing Microsoft Surface RT and Pro tablets for upgrade, one retailer is offering a simple option if not very lucrative option.  The Surface you might have paid $500 to $1,000 for originally, will only be worth $200 to $350 at trade in now at Best Buy.

But the electronics chain is providing a quick and easy way to turn your tablet into credit toward another device. The Microsoft Surface trade in offer announced recently on the Best Buy website also includes a few terms and conditions.

Microsoft Surface Trade In: RT or Surface Pro

First, devices need to be in working order. This means able to power up, and without cracked screens or water damage, terms on the website state.

Microsoft Surface trade ins are only available by visiting a Best Buy store not through the website. And the offer is only valid through Oct. 21, which is the final day before the new Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 arrive in stores.

The Microsoft Surface trade ins are for Best Buy gift cards only to be used to buy additional merchandise from the chain.

Better Deals Available

Obviously the trade-ins from Best Buy represent a drop from at least the original retail cost of both devices. Initially the Surface RT cost $499 and the Surface Pro started at nearly $900 and could easily pass $1000 with ad-ons.

Microsoft has since dropped the price on both. Still you could probably get a better deal on Craigslist or eBay, reports Chris Welch of The Verge. But if getting rid of the old devices quickly is your goal, Best Buy may be the better option.

Image: Microsoft

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  1. Where do all these traded in tablets & phones go? Best Buy seems to like getting their hands on them.

  2. There is another company called Gazelle that offers cash for trade-ins as well. Though I think that retail companies that do this are making a really smart move. A lot of technical people may know how to sell their old electronics online but I can think of a lot more that just get anxious thinking about it.
    Usually the trade-in Surfaces goto e-waste liquidation companies where they are auctioned off to computer resellers.

    • So that’s where they are going. I thought they are being used for research. You can really take these things apart and see how it works so that you can create a similar working gadget. If they are willing to pay for it, it means that good money can be made out of this.

  3. In the fine print, they have the right to refuse anything (limitation applies).

    This is an old car sales man technique to make you spend hours of your time till you finally give up and accept their price.

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