New iPad Mini Could be Delayed Past Holidays

new ipad mini delayed

Business owners and entrepreneurs-on-the-go interested in a small tablet with high resolution from Apple may not get it anytime soon. The company launched its first 7-inch tablet, the iPad Mini last year. But sources now say the launch of a followup device has been delayed.

In fact, an upgraded iPad Mini 2 may not be available, except perhaps in minimum quantities, until after the holidays, Reuters reports. However, more details may arise from a special “iPad event” the company has apparently scheduled for Oct. 22.

Here’s a review of the original device:

Alternatives to the iPad Mini Abound

Fortunately, alternatives to the iPad Mini now abound.

First, Google’s new Nexus 7 was introduced in July.  The device offers a high resolution 7-inch  display and is available in a 16GB Wi-Fi, 32GB Wi-Fi and 32GB 4G LTE version.

The Nexus 7 starts at $229 making it potentially cheaper than the current iPad Mini which lists at Amazon for $337.95.

Meanwhile, Amazon has two 7-inch tablets of its own, the Kindle Fire HD and Kindle Fire HDX. The devices should both be available from retailers this month and start at $139 and $229 respectively.

Retina Display

The major distinction for the new iPad Mini 2 was expected to be Retina Display, already available on some of Apple’s other devices.

The company defines the feature as a dramatic increase in the number of pixels to the point where the human eye can no longer perceive them individually.

You’ll have to decide whether high resolution on the other three 7-inch devices is comparable, especially in terms of your daily business use.

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  1. That’s too bad! I’m very interested in an iPad Mini. My kids are “monopolizing” my iPad 2 – so I need one – a smaller one – solely for my business-purpose (and entertainment, too, of course!)

  2. I’m pretty sure that the fans would just be as furious as that man in the picture. You captured it right. But I don’t think the delay will really prevent people from buying it when it is released. I am sure that they will still wait for it.

  3. I like my first generation iPad mini but, to be honest, I wasn’t looking to getting a new one. I am interested in a Windows mini, though.

  4. This could be potential bad news for Apple. Hitting the shelves by the holidays is a big deal for any company, even the “better than everyone else” Apple.

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