Dell Introduces Laptop Updates and New Tablet for Business

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Dell recently introduced a new line of Windows and Android Venue tablets. But the news overshadowed an equally important announcement, especially for business users. The company has updated two of its Windows laptops which feature its special XPS viewers. There is also a new XPS 2-in-1 in the series. (This is Dell’s name for a tablet also designed to function as a laptop.)

XPS is a special Windows file format used to archive online receipts, contracts, memos, webpages, reports and other documents.

Microsoft says it created the format as a way to waste less paper and take up less space than printed documents. In a post on the company’s official website, Microsoft explained:

You can create XPS documents in virtually any program, simply by selecting the Microsoft XPS Document Writer as your printer—no extra software is needed. The XPS version will look exactly like the original.

New XPS Dell Laptops, Tablet Come with XPS Viewer

While XPS files can be created from almost any format, they can only be seen through a special XPS viewer. Dell has built that viewer into a line of computers and is introducing two updated models and the new tablet.

Here’s a look at one of the new XPS devices from CNET TV:

Updates include:

The XPS 15:

Pictured above, the XPS 15 is a 15.6 inch laptop Dell claims is the first of its size to feature a Quad HD+ display. The company says the display has a resolution of 5.7 million pixels, five times the amount of standard HD, and touts the laptop as excellent for multimedia. It will retail for $1,499.99.

The XPS 13:

A 13.3 inch laptop with HD display and longer battery life. Dell says the device is built to be extremely portable and weighs less than 3 lbs. It will retail at $999.99.

XPS 11:

This is Dell’s new tablet (see the video above). Weighing 2.5lbs. and with a width of just 11-15mm, it is the thinnest and most compact device of its kind on the market, the company claims. The device is a 2-in-1 Ultrabook that transitions from laptop to tablet with a 360 degree swinging hinge. It will retail at $999.99.

The XPS 15 is now available on Dell’s website to customers in the U.S. and other select countries. The XPS 11 and XPS 13 will not be available until November.

Image: Dell


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  1. Reminds me of a transformer design. Flexible, versatile, sleek.

  2. That is one good looking machine. I have a Dell e4300 and I think that it’s a great machine for work. The convertible tablet is the future of work / personal combination computers in my opinion.

  3. Seems Dell continues to build and design products for the 1998 pricing model.

  4. One of the greatest aspects of this model is the convertibility from laptop to tablet easily. This flip makes this product unique.

  5. I have always loved the Dell brand for its awesome monitors. And if you’re going to ask me about what I think about Dell tablet updates, all I can say is that I am all for that. The only thing that’s pulling me back is the price point. But it is not really a big deal especially if you’re dealing with a high quality brand.