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Twenty Jeans Uses Customer Feedback, Outsourcing for Success

outsourcing for success

There will come a time when men will stop wearing skinny jeans and when that time comes, Twenty Jeans will likely be the first to stop producing them.

Twenty Jeans is aiming to alter the denim marketplace. The Web based denim retailer uses real time data, including sales and customer feedback, on its website to make alterations on its products constantly.

Co-founders Mark Lynn and Corey Epstein claim the secret to their success is low overhead and no middle man. The company sells only from its website and outsources production.

Twenty Jeans offers its denim jeans starting at just $25 a pair. The lowest price tag on a pair of Levis, by comparison, is about $48.

On the company’s website, they explain [1]:

The way we see it, there’s no need to blow their price point out of proportion. With this in mind we design and produce our inventory, then connect it directly to you, the customer – thusly making dual “nice saves.” One, our precious commodities from retail Purgatory. The other, money – both on our side and yours.

Quick Response to Customer Feedback

The quick response to customer feedback is the key to Twenty Jeans success, Lynn and Epstein told [2] Bloomberg News recently.

So if 5 customers in a row complain about a certain aspect of a fit on a pair of their jeans, Twenty Jeans can take that information and have alterations ready for future sales. To do this, the company uses an in-house team of designers to make quick changes and a group of outsourced suppliers and manufacturers to fill orders.

Epstein says he drew heavily on connections in China’s Shanghai garment industry to help the company sell their jeans at affordable prices. The company claims to have sold 50,000 pairs of jeans so far.

How can your small business use customer feedback  and outsourcing to improve performance in a competitive market?

Image: 20Jeans