Barry Moltz Barry Moltz gets small business owners unstuck. With decades of entrepreneurial ventures as well as consulting with countless other entrepreneurs, he has discovered the formula to get business owners marching forward. His newest book, BAM! shows how in a social media world, customer service is the new marketing.

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  1. Video marketing seems like a very popular concept even on a small scale levels. Does anyone know of a good company that can provide high quality scripted videos for a decent price?

    • Hi Ed, I don’t think you need high quality scripted videos. I think content is king. Get your customers talking about your brand will build high credibility for your business. Social proof is great value.

  2. I know for me, I prefer seeing how something works before I buy it. A post-sale Q & A which includes a visual installation demonstration would also be great as manuals aren’t always my best friend.

  3. Has Luke in the video agreed on being included in the video greeting?

  4. Videos never fail to emit that personal vibe. It makes people feel more special that you go through the trouble of shooting a video just for them. And yes, that makes them perfect tools for customer service.

  5. Agreed- video really connects!

  6. Thank you for your article.

    Yes, video marketing is very important part of your business marketing tools. People love watching videos and it’s a great way of building a relationship with your audience. Videos add value to your customer’s experience and we will give a personal touch to your product.