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Blunders That Will Sink Your Web Design Project

web design mistakes

If you’re involved in online business, chances are you’ve already had a taste of the web design process. But now, more than ever, with so many websites vying for customers’ attention, it’s important to hone your skills and take your projects to the next level.

The latest web design for business requires an understanding of the changing online world including the evolution of mobile Web access. With more competition, there’s a need for greater consideration about what sets your Web presence apart. And with the growing number of skill sets required, there’s also a need for more collaboration with highly skilled web design teams.

Web Design Mistakes That Can Doom Your Business

Forgetting About Responsive Web Design

When considering your new online business presence, think about responsive web design [1] as well. Annie Pilon explains this is the process of designing a site that “responds to” or re-sizes itself to the size of the device used to view it.

Why is this important?

Well, with an increasing number of different devices and different screen sizes, it’s more important than ever that your Web presence is versatile. Whether viewed on an over-sized desktop computer monitor, a laptop, a 10-inch tablet, a 7-inch tablet or a 4-inch smartphone screen, your website should be functional for visitors.

The idea is to have one site that displays effectively no matter what device your visitor might be using to view it. Ignoring the importance of responsive web design might mean creating a site only some of your visitors can see.

Ignoring the Importance of Strategy

With all the websites online, it’s easy for your site to be overlooked. Having the right web design strategy [2] will insure you are targeting the right audience.It will also make sure the Web site you create truly meets your online business goals.

Erin Everhart, director of digital marketing at 352, a digital agency providing design, development and marketing solutions, suggests a few important tips:

Ignoring strategy in your design could mean producing a website that’s all wrong for your audience. It’s a waste of time and money for your business.

Neglecting or Mistreating Your Web Design Team

Your web design team is a key component to your success. So neglecting or mistreating them is a good way to doom your web design project before it ever gets off the ground.

Do yourself and your online business a favor. Avoid doing things that will drive your web design team crazy [3]:

Mistreat your web design team at your own risk. Your success is in their hands.

Forgetting About the Importance of Inspiration

Great web design comes not only from functionality but also from great aesthetics.

As Matt Mansfield explains:

From colors and shapes to layout and navigation, design can make or break the online experience. A well-designed Web presence can attract, hold and help convert your target customers while a poor design can drive away visitors like nothing else.

Whether your actually a web designer or just trying to work with designers on a website for your business, a sense of design can always help, Mansfield says.

Do enhance your sense of good design. You might consider taking a class, looking at other designs you appreciate online or checking out some books on design.

Mansfield recommends four of his favorite graphic design books [4] to give you inspiration.

Neglecting Other Design Tools

Finally, there are many web design tools out there for you to consider.

Certainly, a web design team is one option, if you have the budget. But also consider tools like Google Sites [5] and Wix.com, which recently announced its intention [6] to become a public company. There are also tools like Google Web Designer, intended to help create rich media advertisements for your online business.

Neglecting the many web design tools out there can mean missing out on the opportunity to design a better, more effective website at lower cost.

What web design mistakes have you experienced?

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