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The Need for Speed: Site Speed Optimization

There are a number of factors that can impact your website speed – the number and size of graphical images, how JavaScript is incorporated and/or called for, whether cascading style sheets (CSS) are externally located or present in the HTML, how your site is coded and even your web server configuration.

And while many webmasters are concerned with website speed as a search ranking factor, don’t forget about real live people who may be turned off and turned away by a lagging web site.

No matter what kind of sales, promotions or content you have on your site, if the page is not loading fast enough, there’s a good chance that your visitors are going to navigate away and not come back. Businesses that optimize their sites for speed had 17% fewer complaints about response time than companies that did not.

In the following infographic, Business.com [1] looks at how website speed optimization can boost customer satisfaction as well as sales.

website speed infographic [2]

[Click image for full size version [2]]