Microsoft Prepares Windows Phone 8 Update

windows phone 8 update

For Windows Phone users including mobile small business owners, a new update should make your phone more useful. Microsoft is getting ready to introduce its third Windows Phone 8 update.

A new larger start screen will be the most noticeable change, Microsoft says.  One of the other new features in “Update 3” is the addition of two more Live Tiles. These are the large icon buttons well-known to Windows 8 users that constantly display real-time content from social networks, messaging systems, the Internet and other sources.

Microsoft says the new Windows Phone 8 update will give users a total of six of these tiles. But the company says it is also scaling back the button size of some of the built-in apps like email, Photos, People and Music so users can get more information on the new, larger screen.

Latest Microsoft Phone Update Will Roll Out Soon

In a recent post on the official Windows Phone Blog, Darren Laybourn, manager of the engineering team responsible for the Windows Phone Update writes:

These are just some of the new features and innovations that we’re getting ready to deliver to you in Windows Phone 8 Update 3, which will roll out to existing phones over the next several months.

Microsoft says Windows Phone 8 Update 3 will work best with newer Windows Phone devices with larger screens. The company says Update 3 will allow users with larger phones and phablets to take full advantage of what the Windows 8 operating system has to offer.

The new Windows Phone 8 update has already been sent to hardware and app developers to be sure all new software and devices work seamlessly with the new version when it becomes available.

Other new features include a Driving Mode that limits the updates you’ll get on your phone while you’re behind the wheel. Microsoft also says that Update 3 will make it easier to turn your Windows Phone into a mobile hotspot.

Image: Microsoft


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  1. Is it just me or are they updating way too often? I get the point of a larger screen as that is the “in” thing nowadays. I just find it crazy that’s all. Or maybe it’s just me *shrugs*.

  2. I’m using Lumia 820.
    its my dream phone and its serving me well.
    can the music player application be revised so that one can forward and rewind the music as it plays.
    I mean currently its only videos that can be edited and not music.
    kindly work on that.

  3. I have a Lumia 520 which I picked up for $99 on a pay as you go deal. I just put in my regular sim card into it and use it as my daily phone. Its not perfect but it’s pretty good for that price range. I’m curious how the updates will work with it.

  4. I keep comparing my Window 8 operating system to Android and Apple users. (Some quite often like my wife’s iPhone 5s) It must be like style because the more I see, the more I love my Windows 8 OS and my Nokia 822.

  5. Ever since this new update, my nokia 820 with its otherwise stelar battery does not last 5 hours on a full charge. I had it on flight mode, gps off and an alarm on. Luckily I awoke before the alarm went off because my phone was completely dead. Don’t update! I can’t see any positive changes, just a digital clock that stays on in standby draining the battery.

  6. This seems to be the time of microsoft. They’ve been neck and neck with all of their competitors for more than a decade. Now with things like smartglass and the new Xbox, Microsoft is making a push towards singularity. To have one device that fits every technological need you could ever have. I say good for them.