Apple Will Introduce Two Curved Phones

apple curved phones

Apple Inc. plans to introduce two curved phones possibly making them among the first such devices available in the U.S. That’s according to murmurs in the industry saying the tech giant is in the planning stages on the two new iPhones.

The devices would also have the largest displays yet released on Apple phones — 4.7 and 5.5 inches.

Curved Phones Planned for Sometime Next Year

The issue with curved phones thus far has been their lack of availability in the U.S. market.

Samsung introduced its Galaxy Round in October. The phone offers a 5.7-inch screen that curves along the vertical access. Whether curved phones become part of a trend or just a passing fad, the Round is unlikely to be the device that popularizes it. Samsung has set a steep price tag of about $1,000 for the model. And it’s currently only available in South Korea.

LG announced its revolutionary Flex G more recently. Unlike the Samsung device, the Flex G is curved top to bottom. The phone features a revolutionary organic LED display. Also unlike the Samsung model, the device is eventually planned for the U.S. too.

The Apple phones are planned for release sometime next year, possibly in the third quarter, Bloomberg reports. The new devices are expected to feature displays that, unlike either the Samsung or LG phones, curve down at the edges.

Whether or not the new phones will appeal to budget conscious entrepreneurs will depend on the price certainly. But on the marketing side, any entrepreneur must acknowledge the amount of buzz all three companies have generated.

It’s an impressive feat for products that, in some cases, aren’t even on the market yet.

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  1. A new design eh? That will be quite hard to get that into your pocket if you’ll ask me. But then again, we really cannot predict the feedback. For example, they said that the iPad will not be a hit but then it was. So let’s see where this will go.

    • Aira,

      I’m not so sure myself – is this a fad or not? I think it has its appeal, though… but as it’s not as lifehacking as the iPad (or Google Glass), I don’t think it will appeal most people.

      • You might be surprised, Ivan. It might appeal to a lot of people, maybe not initially, but depending on how it’s marketed, it might do.

        Aira, good point. How will it fit in one’s pocket? I think it’ll fit. I mean, it can’t be bigger than your average smart phone. However, the shape of it would mean it would either poke out or potentially dig into one’s skin as it doesn’t have a flat surface.

  2. Unusual looking but strangely beautiful. I wonder what it looks like from the side and the colours it’ll be available in. It’s pretty pricey at $1000. Also wondering how functional it is – is it a good balance of design and quality – or was quality sacrificed for a new design aesthetic.