Nexus 5 Becomes Latest in Growing Google Mobile Family

nexus 5

The Nexus 5 has finally arrived after leaked photos, specs and even a video. The phone features a 5-inch display (4.95 inches technically) and there’s  clearly a focus on the device’s front and rear facing cameras.

Google says there is an improved flash on the 8MP rear-mounted camera to get better photos in low light. There’s also image stabilization, keeping pictures steady when your hands aren’t, and a 1.3MP front-facing camera for video chats.

Check out this review from CNET:

The Nexus 5 is only the latest member of a continuously growing family of mobile technology from Google. So if your business isn’t too enamored with the Windows or Apple operating systems, these Android options may be attractive.

Nexus 4

The Nexus 4 is the immediate successor to the latest Google smartphone. The phone sports a 4.7 inch screen with 1280 by 768 resolution. It also has an 8MP camera on the back and a 1.3 MP camera on the front. Though the rear facing camera is not equal to the one built into the new Nexus 5, Google says.

Downsides, mentioned by reviewers include lack of 4G LTE. But a recently reduced price on the Nexus 4 may make up for any shortcomings.

Nexus 7

The Nexus 7 has a new slimmer look and more powerful capabilities thanks to an upgrade earlier this year.

In addition to front and rear cameras and HD display, this tablet has 2GB of internal memory and comes in 16GB WiFi and 32GB WiFi versions and a 32GB 4G LTE version too.

It’s also 2 millimeters thinner, close to 6 millimeters narrower and 50 grams lighter than an earlier model of the device.

Nexus 10

The Nexus 10 is the big brother of this family. Reviewer TJ McCue says:

“…you get a machine as powerful as many low-end laptops. A lightweight mobile keyboard will make you even more productive. I like the Gorilla glass screen…It has a special WiFi technology that speeds up your browsing, too.”

Bottom line: Google’s family of Nexus devices now offers a size and type of mobile device for a variety of needs at a price meant to appeal to various budgets.

Image: Google

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  1. Finally, an 8MP camera. If I don’t own my phone right now, I’ll be enticed to get this one. I’m a camera person. I love taking pictures of random stuff so this may be a good phone for me.