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Long Commutes Can Kill and There’s Actually Proof

effects of long commutes

Advocates for working from home when starting a business cite all kinds of reasons. There’s the lower overhead, spending more time with friends and family, a more flexible work schedule and more.

But one reason for cutting out long commutes rarely even gets mentioned — the fact that long-term, you may be saving your life!

Jane E. Brody, a columnist for The New York Times observes:

A recent study of 4,297 Texans compared their health with the distances they commuted to and from work. It showed that as these distances increased, physical activity and cardiovascular fitness dropped, and blood pressure, body weight, waist circumference and metabolic risks rose.

Chris Tackett of Treehugger says [1] the study makes the case for neighborhoods built to encourage shorter commutes and more walking and biking.

But, of course, entrepreneurs can’t wait for urban renewal. So the question becomes how do you make sure you’ll still be around to enjoy the fruits of your labor once your business has grown?

Again, Brody argues less commuting allows more time to live a healthier lifestyle including more exercise, eating better and getting more sleep.

If your business can be started from home, you should consider how much time you could save that would otherwise be lost in commuting.

Learn more on the study and the connection between commuting distance and health from the American Journal of Preventative Medicine here [2].

Long Commute [3] Photo via Shutterstock