The Latest Nexus Phone Is Here

nexus 5

For Android users, Google’s latest new Nexus smartphone may be introduced by November. That is, if well-known tech tipster @evleaks can be believed.

The often-reliable Twitter channel recently posted images of what appear to be a two-tone black and white Nexus 5 (pictured below), the successor to the Nexus 4 Android phone. Previously, @evleaks had also posted a black version (pictured above) of the device.

However, details are very sketchy.


New Nexus 5 Could be Priced at $349

For example, the second @evleaks tweet mentions November 1 but not whether this might be a release date or the date the new phone is officially unveiled or both.

Earlier this month, in what feels like an orchestrated leak, Google leaked images and a $349 retail price for the new phone in an apparent glitch on its Google Play website. Images of the phone were even leaked in a press shot apparently intended for Canadian carrier Telus, reports 9to5 Google.

There’s even a leaked video of the new device below:

If the $349 price tag is true, that would make the device more expensive than he current Nexus 4. Back in August, Google knocked $100 off the price of the device. So the 8GB model of the older phone is now priced at $199 and the 16GB model at $249.

However, some leaked benchmarks on the new phone also suggest impressive graphics performance. In fact, they may compare with the iPhone 5s, some observers say.

UPDATE: The Google Nexus 5 is now available.  It was released one day sooner than previously speculated, on October 31st. You can find it here.

Image: evleaks


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  1. It already came in before you wrote this article. I tried to order it in the afternoon on 2013-10-31 but is was sold out. Tried again that night and got an order in saying it will ship in 3 to 4 weeks.

  2. Sadly they have already dropped support for their two year nexus. The google OS stops for it at 4.3 and Google says they will not continue releasing the later versions, like the 4.4 KitKat that just came out, even though the hardware would easily support it.

    This policy of leaving users stranded after 18 months with the buggy software is blatant extortion to force people to buy the latest repeatedly.

    • Wow I did not know that. That’s just cheap. I cannot believe that they will leave their users like that. I guess this is something that they can work on. If not, I can see users instantly shifting to other platforms.

      • I don’t think there are better platforms to switch to. Maybe in the future there will be Ubuntu or Firefox phones but not currently. 🙁

  3. Zenfly Web Design

    I love my NEXUS phone. Better than the new iPhones. Thank You