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Ramon Ray Pep Talk, Ignoring Naysayers and More

community roundup

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. We think our online business community is the best on the Web.

This week’s community news and announcement roundup is a great case in point. It’s a look at some of the key issues on the minds of entrepreneurs like you. Be sure to check out the bottom of this post for more about how you can become involved too.

Ramon Ray Gives Himself a Pep Talk [1] (SmallbizTechnology.com)

Ramon Ray, marketing and technology evangelist at SmallbizTechnology.com, is having one of those days. But he’s talking to you too. There are times every entrepreneur would rather stay in bed when the alarm clock sounds. Here’s what to do instead.

Never Mind the Naysayers (CocoaFabs)

Former Essence Editor-in-Chief Angela Burt-Murray says a co-worker used to complain constantly that she had too many ideas and not enough focus. Since then she and media strategist Shelly Jones Jennings have launched their own series of sites under the Cocoa Media Group banner where her many ideas are put to good use daily.

Learn from Top Entrepreneurs [2] (Business2Community)

Learn from 14 entrepreneurs including Small Business Trends CEO Anita Campbell how documenting procedures in your business can change everything — for the better. Owen McGab Enaohwo shares the full details with this post.

Great Titles are Key for Content [3] (Clickfire)

Laurel Staples of Go Fire Yourself has some thoughts on how to create titles for your content that readers can’t resist. And it sparked some great conversation in the BizSugar community [4] too. Have a look.

Reasons to Rethink Crowdfunding [5] (Bplans)

Talk of crowdfunding is everywhere these days as an exciting financing alternative. Not so fast, say some in the business community. There are some reasons you may wish to forgo this approach.

Yahoo Domians for Sale [6] (Marketing Land)

You may not ordinarily think of Yahoo as the place to go to buy business domains. But as, Matt McGee explains, these are an unusual case. Be aware, though. This is some high priced online real estate.

How Marketers Use Myth and Community [7] (Damn, I Wish I’d Thought of That)

Blogger Andy Sernovitz gives two great examples of great myth-making in modern marketing. They are the legendary stories of Steve Jobs at Apple and Mary Kay Ash at Mary Kay’s Cosmetics. Here’s how all this applies to you.

Consider Outsourcing eCommerce (Outsourcing Insider)

So, you sell a product or service online. And you’re trying to adapt to changes including the increased popularity of mobile in ecommerce purchases. Al Pangan has some suggestions you may want to consider.

How to Get Better at Business Negotiations (CorpNet)

No, being great at business negotiations isn’t necessarily something you’re born with. But fortunately, it’s generally something you can learn. Here’s Anita Campbell with more.

More From the Twitter IPO (BrookeBoser.com)

Finally, the Twitter IPO continues to cause ripples throughout the business community. Here social media strategist Brooke Boser takes time to compare Twitter to other high profile social media IPOs. She also does a bit of analysis on where the Twitter experience goes from here.

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