TAXI Offers Inspiration for Creative Entrepreneurs, Others

inspiration for creative professionals

TAXI is a daily updated news and editorial site that provides inspiration for creative professionals such as designers, creatives entrepreneurs and others. The site marks its tenth year of publishing in 2o13 and is located at

Its purpose is to showcase the work of creative professionals and entrepreneurs from a variety of industries. It also provides inspiration and a way to keep up with industry news and information about new tools and techniques.

TAXI features examples of product design, architecture, photography, apps, and more. You click on an item from the main page. Then you can view a brief description of the project and the people behind it. You can also see related photos or other media. Users can browse by type of post or just view the most recent items.

Anyone can submit items or tips to the site for inclusion. TAXI also has a presence on multiple social media platforms. They include Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus. The site has a community of more than 400,000 followers on all these platforms together. So those who want to receive updates can subscribe to a social media channel or subscribe via email.

TAXI is part of The Global Creative Network, founded by designer Alex Goh. The Singapore-based company includes three other sites also aimed at creative professionals and entrepreneurs.

The Bazaar

inspiration for creative professionals

This is an online Marketplace where creatives can sell their work.

Launched in 2010, the site includes anything from art prints to jewelry to downloadable products. Shoppers can search by keyword or type of item and price range. Then shop owners can sell and ship their own products directly to customers.

The Creative Finder

inspiration for creative professionalsThis is  global directory of creative professionals including illustrators, photographers, and graphic designers. The Creative Finder was officially launched in 2012, but started in beta in 2009.

Users can create a profile and upload their work. Then they can browse the work of others on the site for inspiration or to find collaboration opportunities.


inspiration for creative professionals

Earlier this year, Goh and his team released another site for creative professionals, Imgembed.

Imgembed is aimed at those who share images online. Users can upload photos and create image galleries similar to those on other photo-sharing sites. But Imgembed gives users a way to track where their images are used online, and even a way to monetize use of their images with a premium option.

inspiration for creative professionals

In recognition of TAXI’s tenth year online, Goh teamed up with clothing company Uniqlo to create a t-shirt design (above) sold at three of its stores.

The shirt features a squiggly line trapped in a box, which Goh said represents the creative process. In a TAXI article, Goh shared a bit about his design:

“The creative process, like many phases of our lives, is rarely a straight path. Many times, you imagine yourself taking a new turn, but in reality you are actually still trapped in the box.”

Whether you think of yourself as creative or not, entrepreneurs go through much of the same process. Sites like TAXI offer a way to be inspired and to see problems in a slightly different light.

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  1. Oh my gosh, as a creativ’ist, this is my kind of site (or should I say sites!). I look forward to combing through all of them. I like the way Goh’s building on it, releasing new websites every year or so, but sites that seem interconnected in a way, to me anyway.