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Starting With a Quick Err. . .Team Building Exercise

team building cartoon

I did my time in the corporate world. Which means I’ve done my share of team building exercises. Relay races, building stuff, scavenger hunts… I can’t say any of them ever really changed how I looked at my co-workers or how they looked at me.

But they were a welcome change of pace from the standard day-to-day.

Looking at this cartoon now, I probably should have had at least one dog rolling his eyes. I know I always did.


Mark Anderson Mark Anderson's cartoons appear in publications including Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and Harvard Business Review. His business cartoons are available for licensing at his website, Andertoons.com.

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  1. (chuckle!), the cartoon’s funny! I actually like team-building exercises. I think it’s a great way to get to know a bit more about people you work with. But, like you mentioned, it can be a welcome and refreshing change from the day-to-day, which I agree with.

  2. Team leadership and team building skills are required to maintain, development and cohesion in the group.

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