Twitter IPO Arrives, Google Glass Leads to Citation and More

Twitter IPO Arrives, Google Glass Leads to Citation and More

If keeping up with the news relevant to your small business is more than you can handle, relax. We’re here to help. Here’s the Small Business Trends editorial team’s curated news stories for the week just for you Enjoy.

Technology in the News

Twitter starts trading on the stock exchange. The company went public on Thursday. Here’s what the change in Twitter’s status might mean to users, including businesses like yours.

Woman ticketed for wearing Google Glass. In retrospect, it was probably only a matter of time. Cecilia Abadie was certainly driving well above the speed limit. But she says the officer specifically noted her wearable technology in the citation.

Trends and Studies

Commutes can kill. If ever you were looking for an excuse to work from home, this could be it! Just make sure, even working from your kitchen table, that you get plenty of exercise, eat right and get to bed on time.

Private companies make better innovators. This study looks only at a very specific industry, but the implications are clear. Too many investors may put a damper on your efforts to try something new.

Social media are driving revenue. Twitter and Pinterest have the fastest growing rates of revenue per visitor, but Facebook is also in the running. Take a look.

Utilities and Services

AT&T abandons voice minutes. The company is following other major carriers here, but with good reason. Verizon, T-Mobile and the rest aren’t trying to give customers a break. They’ve finally figured out how to profit from smartphones.

Hangout app lets you share where you are. Wouldn’t it be great if, after a Google Hangout, you could tell potential customers and clients exactly where to find you. Now you can. Learn more.

Share a ride with Uber. You can share a ride with others, cut your costs and lower fuel emissions. Oh yeah, and, of course, you’ll be helping other small business owners too.

Social Media

Instagram gets ads. Just as Facebook, Twitter and so many social media communities before it, Instagram now has ads. The question is whether it will change the Instagram experience. It could, of course, also be an opportunity for smaller brands somewhere down the road.

And Facebook gets new buttons. Facebook, the company that owns Instagram, also has some changes to announce (even if they’re a bit more subtle.) The “Like” and “Share” buttons have been redesigned. Have a look!

Get your personalized URL at Google Plus. If you haven’t done this yet, look around your account for the notice of approval. Here are some of the benefits the new status gives you.

More Tech

Amazon helps out app developers. The retail giant wants those making apps for Amazon’s store to follow certain guidelines. The company is offering major rewards to those who do so, including help with promotion.


State tax could hurt local liquor stores. There are many opinions about what’s really wrong with the Washington law that was supposed to get rid of the state liquor monopoly. But taxes and fees are definitely part of the problem.


Take a rest in a nap pod. They are springing up in airports around the world. They offer a place to rest between flights without being stuck with a big hotel bill. Bet you would feel refreshed after an hour or two in one of these!

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  1. A busy and interesting week, indeed!

    I particularly keen on how Twitter will perform on the stock market.

  2. I think Google Glass is a good idea, but it will have many features that could cause problems later on down the road as that driver found out.