Dealing with Rejection, Boosting Social Engagement and More

Dealing with Rejection, Boosting Social Engagement and More

Another community news and information roundup lets you take the pulse of the small business community, both here and across the Web.

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Steps to Deal with Rejection (InPower Women)

Oh, you’ll definitely have to deal with rejection as a small business person. No doubt about it. But as consultant Dana Theus explains, the thing to remember is rejection often isn’t about you. Just move on.

5 Tips for a More Engaging Social Media Presence (…is Media)

You’ve got a social media presence. You’re on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn…even Google Plus. But somehow you’re just not seeing the results. Isaiah Seaberry has some tips to make your social media more…social.

Give Google Plus a Chance (SocialSignIn)

Apparently there are a bunch of Google Plus haters out there. People who feel the site is a bit eccentric and stand-offish. People who resent how it’s been foisted on us by the search engine giant that built it. Well, Alice Tew has some advice.

Make Sure Your Business Doesn’t Fit In (AllTopStartups)

No seriously. This is a good thing. You want your business to stand out from the rest. Thomas Oppong shares four tips he says will help your business shine … and make your customers forget about the competition.

Telling Social Media Fact From Fiction (Stuart J. Davidson)

This discussion of what makes up “solid research” came up as a result of Davidson’s post (and infographic) on social media marketing heroes and villains. What facts are strong enough upon which to base your social media strategies?

The Revolution that Lets Us All Work in Bunny Slippers (BizSugar Blog)

There’s really know need for an office these days, depending upon the kind of small business you operate Powerful application service providers and cloud computing let up work from anywhere. Here’s what Joanie Mann has to say.

Beginner’s Guide to Setting Up Google Analytics (Marylin Thompson Solutions)

While talking about the tools available to small business, it’s important to mention Google Analytics. It’s free and here Marylin Thompson gives a simple guide for setup anyone can understand.

How to Determine if Your Business is Scalable (Openview Leadership Lab)

Your small business certainly does have to be the kind of operation that can be scaled to a massive size. However, if you’re interested in growing bigger than you are today and turning your small business into a major brand, heed this advice from Ted Hoy, CTO of AtTask.

Do a STEPC Analysis for Your Business (GoForth Institute)

If you want to grow your small business, one of the first things you’ll need is a STEPC Analysis. That’s a Social, Technological, Economic, Political, and Competitive analysis, and here’s what’s involved, according to this Canadian small business training organization.

5 Holiday Social Promotion Ideas (Batchbook)

It’s the Holiday season. Things may be slowing down around the holiday season. But it’s important to keep your marketing momentum up. Christelle Lachapelle has these suggestions for last minute marketing.

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  1. I like the article “Make Sure Your Business Doesn’t Fit In”. It is one of those things that business owners tend to set aside. Or totally ignore. But when you really think about it, it makes sense. If you want people to notice your business, you have to have that one thing that other businesses do not have.

  2. In dealing with rejection, you really have to develop some tough skin. You need to be able to move on quickly so that you can move on to the next step. First, you have to accept that rejection will eventually come and that it is normal. This will help you to not take it personally.

  3. As I have a Google+ account (which I hardly ever use), I’m looking forward to reading “Give Google Plus a Chance” at some point. Also want to read “The Revolution that Lets Us All Work in Bunny Slippers”.

    Thanks for the round-up.