Facebook Mobile Videos Now In Auto-Play Mode

Facebook Mobile Videos Now In Auto-Play Mode

If something about the video in your mobile version of Facebook seems different somehow, it’s not your imagination. Facebook mobile videos are now on auto-play. Some sources suggest this is a precursor for introducing video ads in the Facebook mobile app.

Below is an example of how video now looks in Facebook mobile:

The social network has, in fact, been experimenting with the new format since September.

In an official post in the Facebook newsroom at the time, Facebook Product Manager Kelly Mayes explained:

“Now when you see a video in News Feed, it comes to life and starts playing. Videos initially play silently, and if you want you can tap to play with sound in full screen. Scroll past if you don’t want to watch.”

But the feature has only recently been rolled out to all users, TechCrunch reports.

Previously, video on Facebook’s mobile app, like those on the social network’s browser version website, were locked behind a play button. Facebook says it experimented with the new format first in isolated instances with individuals and subjects like musicians and bands.

In her post, Mayes says the company will continue to look for ways to bring the new format to marketers in the future.

In October, Facebook said it would be introducing video ads on its mobile iPhone and Android apps. In the beginning, the company said the service would be marketed primarily to app developers. These developers, it was felt, might run video ads showing how a particular app works.

Eventually, though, the new format may open opportunities for other mobile business marketing as well. So stay tuned.

Image: Facebook

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  1. No. No. No. No. NO!

    I don’t want my phone sucking more data. I don’t want to play movies unless I clicked them. I know this will work (get more people watching videos) and advertisers will pay dearly for it, but as a user I’m not a fan.

    • I’m with Robert here. My phone is about to crash with all the auto-updates and data. And why are they even doing this? This means that you’ll get to see even those videos that you’d rather not. I don’t like this idea.

  2. This hasn’t taken effect on mine yet. I think it will be a very bad idea and could hurt them in the future. Remember MySpace and Digg?

  3. It can get so annoying at times.

  4. from the user perspective it’s not a good idea because if a user like a video so he will click and enjoy that video.

  5. Well, it looks like Facebook aren’t just doing it on mobiles anymore. I’m using a desktop and I can see videos auto-playing in my news feed. I don’t like it. I’m perfectly capable of playing a video if I wish to view it.