Goodsnitch Keeps Customer Feedback Private

Goodsnitch Keeps Customer Feedback Private

Yelp and other social media and review sites have revolutionized customer feedback. Customers are empowered like never before to express sentiments good and bad about your business.

But the public nature of these sites sometimes invites customers with an ax to grind. And doubts raised over the validity of reviews on Yelp and other sites is another problem.

Now a new app comes at this issue from a totally different direction. Goodsnitch lets customers give you feedback – privately. This eliminates some of the motivation for questionable posts on review sites like Yelp.

Goodsnitch presents customers with very basic questions about the service they received — like a very quick survey. The company says questions can be customized by business owners to collect the most important feedback to them. Businesses can reward customers for the feedback they give or get in touch if needed to address a problem.

Businesses can also apparently collect multiple customer responses creating meaningful data for future decisions.

Here’s a basic video overview of the app in action:

More About Goodsnitch

Using the basic app is free but more customized features and installation are available with premium versions, reports the New York Times.

Founder Robert Pace, who is privately funding the app’s development, told the Times leaving feedback takes only about thirty seconds for customers. Pace says Goodsnitch contains a feature called Heromaker. It lets customers focus on a particular employee they feel improved their experience or gave great customer service.

The feature could allow a business to create a better company culture by rewarding employees who receive positive feedback from customers. Developers hope better adoption will allow Goodsnitch to gather more useful data across a variety of industries. That data may be part of the products and services Goodsnitch offers customers in the future.

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  1. Good tool if you ask me. Sometimes, when I read reviews of certain products or services that I’m interested in, I get doubts on the reviews because I sometimes feel that some of those who gave reviews only copied from existing ones.

  2. I’m a little confused.
    So if the customer feedback is private, only the company will see it?
    And then how about the customers who want to check what other customer’s feedback was?