Happy Hubs Offers Luxury Living Abroad for Entrepreneurs

luxury living abroad

Launching a startup can be a stressful experience. You may even feel like you need a getaway. But actually taking time away from your startup could hurt the business. That’s the problem that startup Happy Hubs is aiming to solve.

The company was founded by 20-something entrepreneurs Andy Vu and James Stinson. It aims to combine the experience of a startup incubator with the relaxation of a luxury resort. Entrepreneurs and freelancers can apply to spend a week or a month in the resort, working and living together.

luxury living abroad

While there, you can enjoy the benefits of resort living. Some of these include spas, chef-prepared meals and housekeeping service. At the same time, you’ll be working on your business alongside like-minded individuals.

The Happy Hubs beta resort is in Costa Rica. Interested parties can apply to spend a minimum of one week at the Villa Jacana resort. While there they share a seven-bedroom, eight-bathroom space with other entrepreneurs.

luxury living abroad

luxury living abroad

luxury living abroad

Happy Hubs may not include as many structured activities for its participants as most startup incubators. But there are house events such as weekly meetings and dinners where participants can work together on business ideas.

The program is obviously aimed at those entrepreneurs and freelancers who can telecommute, or safely spend some time working physically away from their business. Most entrepreneurs in the program have already launched businesses and can simply continue working on operations remotely.

The benefit, other than a simple break from the routine, is that a change in scenery may spark creative ideas. And being around other entrepreneurs may spur collaboration and support. The company also outlines values such as finding fulfillment outside of money and living a life of meaning.

The company’s website says:

There is no agenda other than wanting to bring principled entrepreneurs together and see what happens.

Another aspect of the program that the founders are trying to push is its affordability. The average all-inclusive cost for a month long stay with Happy Hubs is $2,487.00. They say this is comparable to what someone could pay for similar expenses in a normal American city, without the added amenities of resort living. The average cost includes things like food, housekeeping and transportation.

While the only location currently available for entrepreneurs interested in the program is Costa Rica, the company does have hopes of expanding to new locations worldwide in the future.

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  1. Hmm, Annie, interesting, but it sounds more like a vacation than starting a business. Anybody else have the same reaction?

  2. This sounds like an incredible idea! To take a vacation of sorts where you are able to share ideas and opinions with other like minded individuals.

  3. That’s a really nice idea. And I must say that the place looks incredible. It has enough of that minimalist feel to make you feel more productive. I think that even small businesses can go here with their teams.

  4. This seems like work and fun in a Costa Rica resort. Who knows, productivity may increase in a relaxed ambiance away from the hustle and bustle of city life.