Apple Mac Pro Delivery Could Take Months

cylindrical Mac Pro

With it’s high price tag and touted high-powered features, the new Mac Pro isn’t for every business user. But reports now indicate those who have ordered the desktop or plan to will probably wait months to receive it. Speculations on the reasons include the fact that the Mac Pro is the first Apple product to be assembled in the U.S. in a decade, which may have caused some delay. The highly anticipated cylindrically-shaped Apple desktop starting at $2,999 was previewed as early as October.

Mac Pro Delay May Stretch to March

The Apple Store now gives February as the earliest shipping time for the computers, which went on sale recently on the website. But some customers have received shipping quotes as far away as March, reports 9to5 Mac. The tech site also says most Apple retail stores are only taking orders for the computer at this point. Speculation is that customers paying $500 per year for a Joint Venture membership entitling them to special perks at the retail locations may be responsible. These customers may have already snatched up most of initial allocations for the brick and mortar stores.

New Apple Desktop Could be Worth the Wait

Of course, if all of Apple’s claims and those of early reviewers are true, the desktop could be worth the wait. At least that’s true for the special niche of professional business users at which the new computer is targeted. An official announcement on the Apple website, says the computer possesses:

  • flash storage operating at 10 times the speed of a conventional desktop
  • eight times the graphic performance of the last generation of Mac Pro
  • as much as 60GBps of memory bandwidth to allow editing of full-resolution 4K video while simultaneously adding special effects.

Earlier this year in an official release announcing the new Apple Pro, Apple senior vice president of worldwide marketing Philip Schiller explained:

“The new Mac Pro is our vision for the future of the pro desktop, everything about it has been re-imagined and there has never been anything like it.”

What’s the overall conclusion? Some customers may certainly be annoyed by the delay. But for Apple’s core customer base, including the niche user for which this device was created, a shortage of product will only strengthen the demand. Image: Apple Inc.


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  1. Even though it is really worth the wait, I still don’t think that Apple fans will appreciate the awfully long waiting time. Just to think that they have to wait until March for its release. I don’t think that sounds like good news.

  2. Love MAC, great news that they are back in the USA. I worked at a company that was a MAC shop, most loved them others didn’t, I do think however that all the improvements over the years would change many minds. I own a financial company that provides unsecured business loans and don’t think at this time I could afford the new MAC , wish they weren’t so expensive…

    • Exactly. Their price point is too high. It used to equal the value that it provides. It is just that it has deteriorated over time especially at the loss of Steve Jobs.