Improve Conversion, Spot Difficult Customers and More

Improve Conversion, Spot Difficult Customers and More

We’ve looked around the online business community again this week and scooped up some helpful tidbits. We’ll be sharing them with you this week as always. And check out the information below for more on how to get involved with making our community news reports more helpful.

15 Tools to Improve your Conversion (J Plus Media Solutions)

Different online businesses will likely define conversion in different ways. To some, it means visitors buy something while on your site or email you about your services. To other, it just means getting people to sign up for your newsletter. In either case, this list of tools from Adam Connell may help you get more.

How to Identify a Difficult Customer (Mosiac Networx)

When you first met with them, they seemed like the perfect fit for your company. But all of that has changed. Today they treat your firm with condescension and lack of respect. Here’s how to spot this kind of customer ahead of time.

Wearable Technology will Change your Business (Get Saga Blog)

They include smartwatches, Google Glass and other devices that may not have gotten as much coverage in the news. This may have been the year of wearable technology, writes Kevin Rexroat. It is a movement likely to change our business and personal lives in the years to come.

8 Digital Marketing Firms Have Holiday Fun (Marketing Land)

An important part of effective marketing is letting customers know a bit more about your business’s personality. Matt McGee shares eight examples of video hijinx for the holidays from some prominent marketing firms.

Now You Can Buy a Starbucks Franchise — in Europe (The Franchise King)

Franchise King Joel Libava has some exciting news. For the longest time he’s been telling those interested in buying a Starbucks franchise that know such opportunities exist. But all of that had changed now. If, of course, you live in UK and France.

Using LinkedIn for Content Marketing (Link Humans)

Content marketing is a huge part of the use of social media. Few think about LinkedIn as a marketing channel. It seems more like a networking channel for professionals. But before you assume this is the case, have a look at this post.

A Guide to Weekly Roundups (The Practicing IT Project Manager)

OK. We thought this one was interesting. Of course, Small Business Trends isn’t the only website to publish weekly news roundups. Here’s blogger Dave Gordon’s guide to the preparation of his weekly roundup. Perhaps we can pick up some tips as well!

Google Plus Post Ads Unveiled (Search Influence)

Thanks to Will Scott for this post on a new advertising option over at Google Plus. Have you heard of the Post Ads yet? Supposedly, they are a completely different animal than the sponsored posts on Facebook and Twitter. Check it out.

Communities are a Great Place to Get Information (BizSugar)

Communities are not just great places to network and share your marketing message. They can also be great places to share valuable information. Here BizSugar member Becky Holsen posts some cool information on where to get photos for your blog or other business website. Very helpful. Thanks, Becky!

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  1. Curious about the Starbucks franchise write-up as I’m in the UK myself. So I’m gonna read that. I rarely use Starbucks myself, but it would be interesting to see how the franchises run here and whether I’d be able to tell the difference between one that is and one that isn’t on the rare times that I do visit.

  2. Starbucks expanding now to Europe? Is that right? Nice to know now!

    I would love to get my hands on the technology of Google Glass, heck I haven’t even tried it all.

    Communities are some of the best places to engage with other similar-interested people.

    Nice to see a link talking about the positives of a community even though Facebook doesn’t exit anymore on that list of good communities (groups).

    Thanks for sharing these links,

    – Samuel

    • Samuel: Starbucks arrived in Gothenburg, Sweden, soon two years ago. Please read my post, GOT Starbucks, for my take on the tea segment at Starbucks. Starbucks has a challenge with local competition here (that have been inspired by Starbucks’s concept;), but I think they are here to stay and expand if they find the right location.

  3. I especially liked the article about difficult customers. But as difficult as they can be to associate with, we cannot deny that we always end up doing what they want. But then, you still have to learn to draw the line especially if respect is violated.

    • Some customers take advantage of the word “the customer is always right” and think that gives them a free pass to be rude and obnoxious. I don’t think the customer is always right. Like you said, boundaries need to be drawn.

      • There are cases where they are. But some can be downright abusive. I remember one of our men being ridiculed and poked like he’s some lowly person. The company really has to take some formal action on that.

  4. I just picked up my new smart watch and it really has helped my productivity much more than I thought it would! I originally got it because it was the latest tech and I have an addiction to that kind of stuff, but it has really been useful.