Mushroom Networks Unveils PortaBella Appliance for Ultra-Fast Mobile Broadband

SAN DIEGO, Dec. 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Mushroom Networks, Inc. today unveiled its new eight-port PortaBella device, the industry’s first business-class wireless broadband bonding appliance. The appliance delivers the fastest mobile Internet connection for downloading and uploading media-rich data in both the uplink and downlink directions.

Powered by the company’s award-winning Broadband Bonding™ technology, PortaBella supports up to eight USB cellular WAN connections and offering the industry’s fastest mobile Internet access rates. The product targets high-bandwidth or video-heavy markets such as enterprise, mobile TV broadcasting, maritime and emergency response.

PortaBella provides cost-effective and highly reliable Internet connectivity for mobile locations by bonding together multiple cellular wireless Internet access cards – aggregating performance and dependability. A built-in optional rechargeable battery provides extended mobile runtime, and the appliance is designed with a sliding hard cover that protects the cellular data cards in field conditions.

“PortaBella removes the barrier to ultra-reliable fast Internet where traditional services are either unavailable or too costly,” said Dr. Cahit Akin, co-founder and CEO of Mushroom Networks.  “By combining the throughput of several cellular data cards, PortaBella delivers reliable fiber like speeds to remote offices, temporary construction sites, public transportation, or any place fast and reliable Internet service is needed on the go.”

The PortaBella enables true bonding over diverse wireless Internet access technologies, even from different providers. It also features a built-in WAN Ethernet port and built-in WiFi that can be used either as a WiFi Access Point or as a WAN WiFi link to access bandwidth from a local WiFi Access Point.

“Many wireless services have geographic gaps in coverage. By combining the wireless data services from different providers, users are able to significantly reduce signal outage events. PortaBella provides the fastest, most reliable cellular based broadband connection as our algorithms dynamically adapt to varying wireless channel conditions in real-time,” added Akin.

About Mushroom Networks
Mushroom Networks, Inc., is a privately held company based in San Diego, CA, providing patent pending Broadband Bonding solutions to a range of Internet connection applications. The company’s flagship product line serves SMBs, enterprises, multi-tenant buildings, and broadband service providers and bonds dissimilar broadband access technologies forming a single highly reliable broadband pipe that can easily scale based on needs. Mushroom Networks was a finalist for the coveted 2012 San Diego Business Journal Innovation Award, XCHANGE Tech Innovators Xcellence Award, 2007 CONNECT® ‘Most Innovative New Product’ award, 2008 CONNECT® ‘Most Innovative New Product’ award, Network World’s “top technology trend of 2008” award,  and nominated for the best investment opportunity within the fixed telecom sector by Telecom Council of Silicon Valley.  For more information, please visit or call 858-452-1032.

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