Raise and Re-Energize Your Business Metabolism

business metabolism

Is your business metabolism a little low or sluggish? It takes a lot of energy to keep up. Technology, business, consumer and career trends continue to change and develop at lightning speed. Not to mention the changing demographics of people you market to.

Are you targeting the right people? Is your branding and visual marketing fresh and engaging? Are you using the best practices, tactics and technology for who you need to reach?

As with most trends, following and sticking with them through their cycles is super important so you can best leverage and benefit from them.

Below are a few trends that stand out for me that I believe will pave the way for the coming year:

  • Networking: “80% of jobs are not posted on job boards, but are in the hidden job market accessed only through networking.”
  • Social Recruitment: Current College graduates (PDF) social media use is 83% Facebook, 54%Twitter and 83% LinkedIn (with 70% saying LinkedIn is the most effective.)
  • Marketing to Gen Y: They will be 75% of the workforce by 2025.
  • Marketing to Baby Boomers:  Aging Baby Boomers are still dominant.
  • Creating Great Customer Experiences: It’s no longer just about the 4Ps: Price, Production, Promotion, and Place.

Brian Solis, Author of “What’s the Future of Business (WTF)” says:

“The future of business is about creating experiences, products, programs and processes that evoke splendor and rekindle meaningful and sincere interaction and growth.”

Areas to Raise Your Business Metabolism

Authenticity and Attitude

Be authentic, real and approachable with who you are both online and in person. Develop a consistent attitude of gratitude, kindness and positivity which is highly magnetic. Demonstrate how you process through your challenge and success offering solutions and hope.

Make a Stand with Your Professional Brand

Invest in visual marketing tools.  This includes logo, website and branded company materials to unify your images and messaging across all platforms. Refresh and rejuvenate what you currently have to keep pace with current technologies and Web platforms.

This tells people you are serious, relevant and ready to do business.

Trends, Consumer Demand, Selling

A thorough review of how your products and services serve your current customers, the market and changing demographics is essential. Don’t lose sight of or get lazy about your changing customer and how they want to be sold to and receive content and information.

If something isn’t working, be realistic about improving it, reinventing it or letting it go.

Delivery of Information, Products and Services

Evaluate how you deliver your content, products and services, based on your demographics, and the ways your customers want to be engaged. Survey them regularly to find out what they use and where they congregate.

Creating the customer experience that you want to be remembered for assures better retention and longevity. What better approaches can you use to raise customer expectations for faster, smarter, better sales and referrals?

Monitor your competition for what they are (and are not) doing.

An Integrated, Blended Networking Approach

We live work and play equally in two worlds – in person and online. Get out in front of your company in person and get more personal in meeting people.

Use social media pillars to engage, especially on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and incorporate blogging and email marketing into your plan. Get very serious and active with this blended approach, as it will be the key to smart connections. They are the “tools of the trade” today.

Plan on quarterly reviews of how your plans and goals are unfolding. Be nimble, flexible and willing to change directions when needed. Research and use all the resources, tactics, human capital and best practices that are available today to keep up, grow and get ahead. Your consistency and commitment will build the same in your customers.

What areas do you need to re-energize to raise your business metabolism?

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Deborah Shane Deborah Shane has been recognized as a Top 100 Small Business Champion and Top 50 SMB Influencer (Dunn and Bradstreet 2015). She is a career transition author, personal branding and social media specialist. Deborah's book "Career Transition: Make the Shift" is available through all major book sellers.

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  1. I agree with getting personal when it comes to meeting people. People respect companies that are real. They want to know that they are buying from someone they trust.

  2. Aira, No more phantom companies, only accessible, reachable and approachable. Gen C, (connectivity)

  3. I truly believe a business needs to energize its current status, to connect more with people & stay at the top. Also interpersonal relation with customer always gives the required boast to any business. Since listening to them, makes them pretty competitive from the other business holders.

    • Thanks Steve, listening to and surveying your customers is a sign of respect and just plain smart to stay current on what they need and want. Feedback and suggestions are vital to a business from its customers. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Hi Deborah,

    I agree if there isn’t a plan to manage your business energy and momentum then the metabolism will almost inevitably sag at some point.

    Good article


    • Customers pick up on a business energy through their activities online and in their stores.Well-trained employees are the ambassadors for companies as well as its owner. Thanks for your comment.