Smarty Ring Raises Almost $300,000 in Crowdfunding

Smarty Ring Raises Almost $300,000 in Crowdfunding

It may look like something out of a fantasy story about magic rings and wizards. But the makers of the new “Smarty Ring” seem quite serious.

In fact, they have already raised $299,824 in crowdfunding via Indigogo (well above a more modest $40,000 goal) to make the product a reality.

It’s the latest in a series of wearable technology including Google Glass and smartwatches. The device is meant essentially as a way to manage your smartphone or other mobile device.

Smarty Ring Features

Developers say users will be able to receive call, text, email and chat notifications, all without ever touching their smartphones.

You would also be able to accept or reject incoming calls: Something pretty important during a business meeting!

There’s a speed dial function, which would presumably start dialing a programmed number before you’ve even fished your phone out of your pocket or purse. And you would also get social media updates too, developers claim.

Check out a brief overview video with more of the features mentioned.

Again, the device is clearly in many ways an accessory for your smartphone similar to a smartwatch (though even smaller and theoretically even less intrusive, of course.)

Developers say it will solve the problem of people supposedly checking their smartphone up to 150 times per day, a statistic quoted in promotional information.

To the degree this is true (or not) for you, especially in your daily business life, you could use the ring as a way to keep updated without needing to constantly glance at a mobile device.


The Smarty Ring will be available for both Android and Apple devices (including both the iPhone and iPad) at a retail cost of $275. However, no specific date for availability has been announced.

Contributors of $175 or more in the recently closed Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign will receive their devices by April 2014, according to developers.

The device is waterproof stainless steel with LED display. And a battery charger for both ring and accompanying smartphone will also be available.

image: Indiegogo


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  1. I need less of my smartphone in my life, not more. This just seems like a more discreet way to use your phone (since they’re now much larger).

  2. I think that this will click because it is a smaller version of a phone. It means that people can now take calls anywhere. I just don’t know about using it in other ways. There may be a chance to exploit it for evil means.

  3. The one constant in today’s technology world is that change is going at “light” speed. Thanks to “crowdfunding”, capital was raised in just one month. Many thanks to Mr. Sophy and Small Business Trends for getting us this information.