SurveyMonkey Introduces New Service To Do Employee Surveys

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SurveyMonkey is known for the free and premium online surveys businesses use to learn more about their customers. But a new Platinum version of the software also allows you to ask questions of your employees too (example image below).

The company recently introduced the $65 per month package, billed at $780 annually. Among other things, it includes new features that take into consideration HIPAA compliance requirements. They’re intended to help you steer clear of medical privacy issues, the company says.

The new package also offers expert phone support, something not available with any of the company’s other plans.

Other Plans

If your small business hasn’t yet taken advantage of SurveyMonkey’s existing service packages, take note.

A free basic service allows you to create a survey with up to 10 questions and collect up to 100 responses. It’s hardly valuable as a business tool, but a good way to experiment with the software. Premium services for $17 and $25 per month allow an unlimited number of questions and responses with an increasing number of controls and features.

SurveyMonkey also offers a survey bank of sample questions, templates to create your surveys, and tools to create a look for them that fits with your existing branding.

The service allows you to post surveys to your website. You can also send them out in custom emails. Or you can post them via the SurveyMonkey Facebook app or just provide a link.

Surveys can be added to your online content as a way to increase engagement with your audience. Once the data is collected, SurveyMonkey provides reporting tools including graphs. They’re designed to help you understand and communicate results.

This video gives a quick overview of how SurveyMonkey works:

Internal Surveys

The new Platinum or Enterprise package will probably appeal to larger companies. Insurance giant Aetna, the Hearst Corporation, the New York Giants and Great Britain’s National Health Service have already signed on, the New York Times reports.

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But small to medium-sized businesses with growing numbers of employees may want to add the service as a tool for their HR departments as well.

Basically, the new service might be helpful in getting feedback from your workforce or in assessing company culture, if the cost is within your business’s budget.

Image: Survey Monkey

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  1. That’s a really nice idea. Aside from customers, you can also do surveys on your employees. The great thing about this is that the survey can be kept private but it can be answered by all the employees of the company. I really liked the idea.

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