Yahoo Mail Down For Days for Some Users

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OK, it may not be Gmail. But many still do use Yahoo Mail as a primary or secondary communication for business or other purposes. So when the service was partially down for more than 48 hours this week, users got a bit testy.

Worse then the outage itself, however, seemed to be Yahoo’s response to worried account holders who rely on the service — even though it is free.

Yahoo Tweeted a Few Times At Best

The company did respond to direct questions about service problems in the early hours referring some to Customer Care. But Yahoo tweeted general updates a few times at best from its Ymail Team account during the initial outage, TechCrunch reports.

The first came Tuesday afternoon acknowledging the problem which, for many affected users, had started the night before. By then, upset Yahoo Mail users were already beginning to express their displeasure.

Astoundingly, except for a steady stream of reassurances to inquiries from users, the Ymail Team did not post another general update until the following morning.

By that time, disgruntled users were complaining about a lot more than just the technical difficulties.



The Yahoo team also finally posted a more detailed report on the problem with an estimate of the repair time needed to get people back into their accounts.


Later that afternoon, Yahoo had begun to restore email services to its users. The YMail Team also seemed to become more responsive — after being called out by users and the media.

What’s Going On Here?

It doesn’t matter what the majority of the business community thinks of Yahoo Mail. This situation does not speak well for the Yahoo turnaround supposedly being engineered by CEO Marissa Mayer?

The issue is not just the technical problem, but how Yahoo reacted.

Ignore for a moment some audacious moves like Mayer’s $1 billion purchase of hip social blogging site Tumblr earlier this year.

It’s important for Yahoo to remain reliable in the areas where customers are still dedicated to its tools and services. Otherwise, it will be difficult for the company to build on its strengths while moving to new features and services in the future.

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Shawn Hessinger Shawn Hessinger is the Executive Editor for Small Business Trends and a professional journalist with more than 20 years experience in traditional and digital media for trade publications and news sites. He is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists and has served as a beat reporter, columnist, editorial writer, bureau chief and managing editor for the Berks Mont Newspapers.

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  1. So that’s the reason why we cannot access it. And we just thought that it is our PCs that have the problem. It’s tough especially since we process all our orders via mail.

  2. I wonder if yahoo will reconsider using outlook for their employees with a hosted exchange server. If so then should have been down for a month and gmail should have been out for a year.

  3. Email is a lifeline for people. This seems to show that Yahoo Mail isn’t a high priority with the company (and frankly I don’t much like their new inbox look either).

    • You and me both re: inbox look.

      I’m increasingly becoming tempted to switch to Gmail, you know. The only things stopping me:

      – I have one Yahoo email address that I use regularly

      – For my other email addresses that I need, I don’t know if I’ll be able to resync them if I move them to Gmail.

    • Agree on the inbox look. I don’t get why they’d change it. It just makes it worse. It is full of clutter and now it loads really slowly. It is disappointing.

      • Perhaps they were trying to emulate Gmail’s interface in some ways. If so, they did a rather poor imitation of it, in my opinion and (unfortunately) experience.

        I wonder how many users they tested it with before rolling it out, or if they indeed did get users to test it.

      • That may be so but Gmail is more minimalistic. I personally prefer it over Yahoo. It is just that our company has to process mails through Yahoo so we don’t really have a choice.

      • I guess Yahoo missed the memo re: minimalistic. I think they’ve created a monster and perhaps don’t know how to tame it now.

        I’m a creature of habit, so I’m used to Yahoo Mail, but not to the point of not considering moving to Gmail one day should Yahoo Mail continue with its intermittent hiccups.

  4. I have not been happy with Yahoo Mail since it changed its inbox interface/functionality. Not only do I not like it, but I’ve had more problems since then than any other time.

    Yahoo Mail is a mess, and the way they handled the recent email downtime is far from impressive.

  5. Yahoo have been untruthful for many months (many of us have been experiencing VERY LIMITED access over the past year) and have removed the ‘Contact Us’ facility.

    Now, when users have finally realized that Yahoo cannot even give them access to their emails and
    have complained through the media (the only method one can use), Yahoo have deigned to offer outright disgraceful lies about the plight that they are in.

    For myself I am so b****y angry over the hours trying to determine whether it is Chrome, Firefox or
    Explorer or my modems are to blame.

    Now Yahoo say – “Problem solved” IT IS NOT!!!! Alll my browsers are unable to connect with Yahoo
    and, on the remote occasions the page comes up, I cannot open or delete any of the emails listed.

    The page format seemed to herald the most serious problem that being total stoppage but cannot be sure but since Monday last I have been unable to open any attachments which indicated that more serious matters lay ahead which have now occurred.

    • Gosh, that sounds really frustrating, BaliRob. Though I admire your patience to still stick around, if it was me and I’d had the level of hiccups you’ve had using Yahoo Mail, I would have moved on to a different email platform a long time ago.

      • @ebele, I nearly did give up on Yahoo two years ago when I found emailing to be so slow that the text came up 2\3 seconds after I had typed the letters. Ask Leo suggested that I changed to Chrome and I was amazed at the difference. I feel that
        we are lucky to have free email service, e.g., Yahoo and try to stay faithful to them.

        Today Chrome took some 20 minutes to contact Yahoo but, as you see, I can now reply to you. Yahoo News UK and Northern Ireland is now back online so perhaps matters will improve now.

        Thank you for your kind concern.

      • Hi again…

        I hear you – it’s great that it’s a free email service, but for me, free doesn’t mean that the service provided should frequently present problems for its users, or that when there is a problem, it isn’t handled properly and/or users aren’t kept in the loop — and that’s what I feel Yahoo Mail is becoming.

        I do hope that things start to improve, for you and all users affected.

        take care…

  6. Yahoo should do better with informing their customers of any problems whatever reason it may be. And yeah, I don’t like the new look of the mail. It loads really slow. If yahoo can possibly make their mail load faster, then maybe I’d reconsider staying my yahoo acct alive.

    • Eds,

      You know what, it’s an old debate about Yahoo! vs. Google – e.g. Office 360 vs. Google Apps… Yahoo! Mail vs. Gmail…

      While Google services look a bit bare, they are functional – and lighting fast. Yahoo! looks better, but slower.

      I want to do things faster – and Google’s rather bland design suits my need just fine.