Calling All Small Businesses! Be Featured in New Spotlight Series

We’re delighted to kick off a new series of articles called the Small Biz Spotlight.  As the name suggests, we’ll be putting small businesses in the spotlight on a regular basis.

And we’d love to consider YOUR business to be covered in the series.

Each article will be a profile of a small business. For our purposes, that means having fewer than 100 employees.  It can be any type of business, in any industry.

What’s the catch?  No catch, except that we’re looking for businesses that are interesting to other business owners, or where you as the owner have a lesson or two to share with other business owners.  You have to have an interesting story behind the scenes.  Perhaps it’s the story of how your business got started. Or maybe it’s about a challenge you faced down, or an opportunity that changed your business. Or it might even be the unusual nature of your industry or what you do in your workday.  It could even be your interesting work space.

Don’t get all lacking in confidence, however.  We find lots and lots of businesses to be fascinating, and love to cover them.

We’re able to do this series through the generous underwriting of series sponsor, iCIMS.  iCIMS is the leading provider of talent acquisition software solutions for growing businesses.  And they are just as excited as we are.

So how do you throw your hat into the ring, to be considered?  Just fill out our short form.  We’ll contact you and we can conduct a phone interview to gather the details.

Apply here to be featured in the Small Biz Spotlight.  

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iCIMS is the leading provider of talent acquisition software solutions for growing businesses. iCIMS’ Talent Platform, the industry’s premier candidate management solution, enables organizations to manage their entire talent acquisition lifecycle from sourcing, to recruiting, to onboarding all within a single web-based application. With more than 1,700 clients worldwide, iCIMS is one of the largest and fastest-growing talent acquisition system providers with offices in North America, UK, and China.

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Anita Campbell - CEO

Anita Campbell Anita Campbell is the Founder and Publisher of Small Business Trends and has been following trends in small businesses since 2003. She is the owner of BizSugar, a social media site for small businesses, and also serves as CEO of

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  1. Aira Bongco

    I think that it is a good idea. Aside from discovering some new businesses, it can also help inspire people on how they can set up a successful business. It can also be a good way for uncovering some new niches to work with.

  2. This is a great chance for some free publicity for smaller businesses. Great idea and thanks to iCIMS!

  3. Great idea. This is a big help to those who are just starting their business. It will definitely help promote the business to be known in the market.

  4. What a cool idea! Entering Power Marketing in the running now 🙂

  5. Love what you’re doing for Small Businesses! Let me throw my hat into the ring…

    Six years + in my current, 26 years in the Restaurant Industry…

    Thanks for putting this out there, happy to share knowledge

  6. Martin Lindeskog

    Anita: What a great initiative! Is the spotlight series only for American companies, or for international organizations too?

  7. What a great idea! Filling out the app now.

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