From Our Community, A Humorous Look At Bad Clients and Some Tips

From Our Community, A Humorous Look At Bad Clients and Some Tips

Here’s another edition of our community news and information roundup. Hope you’ll check the bottom of this post for more on how to make these updates even better.

A Humorous Look at Difficult Clients (Social Media Slant)

The video Cendrine Marrouat shares here will probably make you laugh … or cry. If you’ve ever had one of those clients, you may have already heard something like this before. Our condolences! At least you’ll know you aren’t alone.

Using Your Google Plus Account to the Greatest Advantage (Aristotle Buzz)

Digital Communications Director Rhen Wilson gives you a tour of Google’s social media site and shares some of the benefits you might not have been aware of. If you’ve been thinking about using Google Plus more for your business, this post may help.

Web Traffic Isn’t the Only Measure of Your Site’s Effectiveness (Simplicity)

If you’ve been laboring under the impression that Web traffic is the only measure of a site’s performance, you may be incorrect. Thanks to Sarah Santacroce for sharing this post and some  conversation on website traffic strategy with the BizSugar community.

Use Facebook More Effectively (Y Marketing Matters)

There are an increasing number of social sites and platforms out there. But Facebook remains the biggest by far. Here Yasmin Bendror has some additional suggestions about how to put the social media giant’s reach to work for your business.

Improve Your Content Marketing Today (Savvy-Writer)

And by today we mean in the next few minutes! Content writer Amandah Blackwell has seven suggestions she claims will “supercharge” your content. With so much content online these days, you need all the help you can get.

Four Social Media Ideas for 2014 (Marketing Services)

Some things have changed and some have stayed the same. Marketing consultant Mandy Edwards has a mix of both in this simple post about things you should consider for your social media marketing in the new year.

Forget the Sales Process, Get Your Info Out There (Addison Richmond Consulting)

That, in a nutshell, is Christopher McCarthy’s advice for marketing to a new more educated consumer. That consumer won’t wait to talk to your sales team. They’re out there right now making decisions without you.

A Primer on Web Hosting for the Online Entrepreneur (Dorm Room Biz)

Blogger Chris Pund may be talking to students creating their first online venture from their dorm room, but much of what he has to say will be applicable to any beginning online entrepreneur. Take note.

PPC Campaigning for the New Year (Elite SEM)

Do you use pay-per-click advertising campaigns in your business? If so, you know they don’t run on autopilot. To be effective, you must keep them up to date and continue to make changes. There’s no better time than the new year to do some tweaking. Here are some suggestions from the professionals.

More Suggestions for Improving Your Social Media Presence (Bloggless)

We’ve talked quite a bit about how to improve your social media presence heading into 2014. Here are a few more suggestions from Ivana Zuber with some Q&A in the BizSugar community.

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