From Our Community: How to Pick the Right Font and Shopping Cart

From Our Community: How to Pick the Right Font and Shopping Cart

It’s time for this week’s community news and information roundup with the best posts from the small business community around the Web. Read the instructions at the bottom of the page for more on how to participate  in future roundups.

Deciding on the Right Font for Your Website (Affordable Websites by Design)

The best font to use for your website is one that doesn’t draw attention. In fact, as this post suggests with its opening quote, the best fonts are the ones readers barely notice at all. Here Web designer Joyce Cerroni gives an explanation of how to pick the one that fits your business.

Choosing the Right Online Shopping Cart (Merchant Maverick)

There are many decisions to be made when creating your online store. Not least of these is the kind of cart to use. Here reviewer Sara Billups gives us a side by side comparison of at least two.

Getting Unique Signs from Etsy (Danielle Pasternak)

Danielle is a wedding coordinator who seems to know how to make an impression. Here she shares a unique idea that might work, not only when planning those big events, but also when signage for customers and clients is important. Try unique signs created by users on Etsy.

Considering Professional Video Production (Flimp Blog)

More and more, businesses are realizing the benefit of online video. The question is whether having your video professionally produced adds enough value to make it worth the expense.

Most Shopping in the Future Will be Online (Demac Media)

This may not be a surprise to anyone. But the amount of time left before all or most retail purchasing moves to the Web certainly will. Take a look at the infographic at this link and consider how your current business, whether brick and mortar or e business, may be affected.

Ecommerce Growth is Happening Even Faster Overseas (Webprosys)

Nowhere may growth of online shopping be so pronounced as in overseas markets like India, Christopher Cao reports. In these markets, concern or suspicion over buying online is disappearing. Consider the growing opportunities, even for U.S. businesses.

Using Content Marketing Correctly (Capture Commerce)

Whether we’re talking about ecommerce or selling a service online, these days content marketing is among the best ways to attract customers. But make sure you choose the right content for every part of the sales process, says Tom Shivers. Here’s  more discussion from the BizSugar community.

Lessons in Leadership from Barefoot Wine (Barefoot Wine Founders)

We can learn a lot from successful entrepreneurs. Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey founded Barefoot Wine with a passion but no money or industry knowledge. Alicia Dunams interviews the pair about the secrets of their success.

Goal Setting is Learned Behavior (Totally Inspired Mind)

Don’t ever think you lack what it takes to work in a disciplined way. Discipline and goal setting are learned behaviors, either from parents or another inspirational figure. This isn’t exactly a business story, though the subject, Trent Ohishi, certainly intends to start a business someday. Blogger Paulette Le Pore Motzko tells us how this young man can be an inspiration to others.

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  1. While I don’t generally agree that font has something to do with a website’s conversion, it is still quite interesting to be able to read about it. But don’t get me wrong. You should be able to choose the right shopping cart that you can easily work with. But more than font (except for those confusing ones), I think that the size and color of the letters contribute more to a website’s conversion.

  2. I found this article because I was looking for information on website fonts. Having read the article I see what they are saying about branding and readability, but there was scant mention of what font to use in regular text on the page, for instance in this comments section.

    The standard text that most cms websites use is pretty ordinary, but I know its best to stay within the websafe font set (or has that changed too?).

    I mostly try to use tohoma on special pages (ie not regular article pages) because it still seems readable without being too blocky. I wonder what the experts think of that? Too mainstream maybe?