GLIIF Marketing Solution Goes Beyond the QR Code with Interactive Smartphone Tool Beta Launch

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Geared toward premium brands worldwide GLIIF revolutionizes the way companies market, track and communicate with consumers. Utilizing the GLIIF marketing solution smartphone users can instantly interact with digital media via print or display advertising. For advertising agencies GLIIF provides a branded bridge to digital campaigns. For the mobile user GLIIF enhances and redefines the way they link with their preferred brands.



GLIIF – the new generation hyper tag is engineered to blend in with existing artwork providing custom color combinations and can be customized with logo or a product shot insertion, effectively triggering instant recognition among users. Each GLIIF is supported by unlimited scans and analytics providing the same ROI information you would find in digital campaigns. “These mobile interactions let people engage with your product and identify with your brand the moment they encounter your message,” stated Alan Bologlu Founder and CEO of GLIIF.

How does it work? Utilizing a smartphone or tablet, one scans a GLIIF to instantly access an array of interactive content which could include a video, web store, product information, store location, coupons, promotions, maps, and more. The market opportunity for GLIIF to strengthen brands and empower individuals while opening lines of direct communication is profound.

“We aim to be the brand of choice connecting the real world to the digital one. Pending litigation in the QR CODE space is concerning and I believe we have created benefits for both the mobile users and corporations to adopt our system,” states Alan. ” We are also offering a 20% payment on earnings to our strategic partners, whether that be current QR Code generators, advertising agencies or publishers.”

When asked how they differ from QR Codes Mr. Bologlu replied, “We are a dynamic and holistic solution that goes beyond the custom and visually appealing image itself. Every scan is indexed on our server and builds a brand concentric network that can be accessed via in-app and push messaging.  We also had to make this engaging for the mobile user. Every individual who downloads our mobile GLIIF Reader can create multiple GLIIF’s for their favorite social networking sites and build a customized contact GLIIF that syncs to their online profile information. The contact GLIIF can be displayed from the GLIIF Reader app itself or printed on a business card. When scanned by another mobile device all contact information is immediately stored. Any updates to information are automatically distributed. It really is the easiest way I have found to share contact data quickly.”

GLIIF has been primarily self-funded with a small round of convertible debt.  They are currently speaking to venture firms in efforts to raise the $2.5 million needed to launch on an international basis.  For a $49 fee a brand can purchase a GLIIF with an active link for 6 months. The action associated with the image can be updated at anytime.  There are no character limitations on links.  There is a one-time fee for logo insertion at the campaign level and this logo is auto-inserted into every GLIIF created under that specific campaign. Multiple campaigns can be managed on a single account. GLIIF is currently looking for Beta partners and strategic relationships.

The GLIIF Reader is free and currently available for iOS. Development is under way for both Android and Windows. The image encryption technology can be migrated into other industries including document verification and processing, logistics and has potential as a mobile payment interface.

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