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GoDaddy’s Get Found Updates Small Business Information Online


The popular Web hosting company and platform GoDaddy [1], is today launching a new service called Get Found [2]. It will allow businesses to update their information simultaneously across multiple online platforms. With a few clicks of the mouse these changes can be made on diverse sites such as Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Yelp.

Get Found was created by a firm called Locu, which GoDaddy acquired [3] last year. It aims to fix the problem of outdated business information, when businesses move location, but their old details remain online. If the new details are not known, that business can lose customers to a competitor.

GoDaddy VP/General Manager of Discovery Marketing Products and Locu Co-Founder Rene Reinsberg told Small Business Trends this outdated information is a big problem. An estimated 10 billion dollars is lost in the United States alone each year as a result.

So far, Get Found is available only in the United States. It will focus on basic information such as the business’s address, phone number, service that is offered and hours of operation. Get Found will make sure this information is accurate and updated on search engines and social media, as well as any local sites relevant to the business.

Sites which will initially become available to Get Found customers will include Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, Foursquare, Yellow Pages, Citysearch, Tripadvisor, Local.com, Judy’s Book, MerchantCircle and MojoPages.


Reinsberg explained:

“When customers see missing or inaccurate information about your business, they go to a competitor. Businesses miss potential revenue when information is missing or inaccurate. With Get Found, businesses will never miss out on a new customer because they didn’t change their address, phone number or hours of operation.”

Although the information is sent to all of the platforms simultaneously, each site will have its own waiting period before the information updates. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing can take up to one month. By comparison, sites such as Yelp, Foursquare and Yellow Pages will update within a few minutes. Still, having the ability to update everywhere from one dedicated platform will reduce the number of clicks needed and the number of different site visits required.

CRM industry analyst Brent Leary, a partner at CRM Essentials [4], told Small Business Trends:

“Most small businesses are still trying to figure out how to leverage mobile and social technologies to reach potential customers. Get Found helps them get started in a way that covers the fundamentals, but at a low cost of entry. It gives you feedback on how your business compares to other local businesses, so you can improve. It’s not for advanced marketers but there are millions of small businesses that fall into the beginner category.”

Images: GoDaddy