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How to Manage Offline Versus Online Leads

It almost doesn’t matter what type of industry you are in today – sales leads typically derive from two very important but vastly different sources. I’m referring to offline leads (non-Internet) and online leads (Internet). While both of these types of leads are vital to the success of business, many companies are managing sales leads in a “one size fits all” manner – and that is not always the best practice.

We already know that search marketing is much different than traditional marketing in that traditional marketing is trying to “grab the attention” of a person and convince them that they cannot live without this product and/or service. Whereas those searching are already in a frame of mind to buy, or at least learn more about a product and/or service.

So wouldn’t it be common sense that the behaviors of offline and online sales leads would be different as well?

The folks at Salesforce [1] have created the following sales leads infographic which looks at this in more detail and provides easy-to-follow directions for managing sales leads of each type.

managing sales leads infographic [2]

[Click for full size version [2]]