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MasterCard and Web.com Offer Payment Solution Take-A-Payment

take a payment

MasterCard and Web.com have teamed up to create a solution both companies say will make it easier and faster for businesses to get paid online. The option is called Take-A-Payment [1] and is now being offered as part of Web.com’s website design and hosting services. But it is built with MasterCard’s less than a year old Simplify Commerce [2] development tools.

In a phone interview with Small Business Trends, Debbi Lechner, Vice President of Ecommerce Product Marketing at Web.com explained:

“A lot of small businesses count themselves out of the ecommerce solution. It’s very simple. It’s an opportunity for small businesses to get involved.”

Web.com offers a range of options from build-it-yourself Web design tools to design services, hosting, domain names etc., Lechner said.

For a cost of $9.95 per month, Web.com users can add Take-a-Payment to their websites. It allows customers to pay invoices, service fees and other payments using a credit card. Website owners are then charged 2.85 percent for each payment plus a fee of 30 cents per transaction.

Use Simplify Commerce on Your Own Website

You don’t need to be a Web.com customer to use MasterCard’s new Simplify Commerce service. If you’re building your own website or have contracted with a developer, you can incorporate the new MasterCard solution into that project, too.

Another unique feature is that Simplify Commerce lets you take payment from a variety of credit cards rather than just from MasterCard.

There are other payment options like PayPal and Square that offer an opportunity to accept a variety of credit cards. But this is the first one we can recall run by a major credit card company that lets you accept payments through a competitor’s card.

In another call with Small Business Trends, Debbie Barta, Simplify Commerce Product Lead at MasterCard Labs explained:

“Merchants are looking for a simple one-stop shop online payment. We make it very simple for merchants to get up and running.”

You can setup a Simplify Commerce account directly from the MasterCard site for free. However, you’ll probably need a basic understanding of programming or the skills of a developer to make it work for you.

Image: Web.com