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Entrepreneurs Share Their Favorite Sites In New .Net 100 Rankings

dot net domain rankings

Entrepreneur Magazine’s website asked readers recently to rank their favorite .net sites. The result is the .Net 100 Ranking.

The most popular domain names in the English-speaking world remain .com names.  Search engines love them, and when people are looking for a specialist site, they more often than not assume that the best site is a .com one. But Entrepreneur claims that their ranking shows that .net domains have now become mainstream, and can more than hold their own against a .com.

The editors at Entrepreneur certainly seem to think the most recent list bears this out. After all, .net domain names are hosted in more than 200 countries worldwide, and the .net zone has doubled in size since 2006, surpassing 15 million domain names registered globally in 2013. Raymond Hennessey, editorial director at Entrepreneur.com, said:

“Doing this ranking made it obvious to us that the .net domain is truly mainstream – and it can actually be a competitive advantage for entrepreneurs. When we really looked closely at .net sites, we saw an eye-opening range of brands and businesses brimming with passionate followers. These already successful sites seemingly are a major driver behind why others are following suit when they’re ready to register.”

We’re not sure it proves that. Using anything other than a .com tends to cause confusion, as most of us automatically insert the .com extension. And it’s hard to extrapolate based on growth of .net domain names. After all, holders of the .com domain often snap up the .net version simply as a defensive move, to prevent squatters and infringers for capitalizing on their brand.

But it is interesting to see the top 10 .Net sites from Entrepreneur readers. Here’s the full list:

  1. SlideShare.net [1]
  2. PHP.net [2]
  3. Battle.net [3]
  4. Behance.net [4]
  5. Speedtest.net [5]
  6. Explosm.net [6]
  7. SourceForge.net [7]
  8. AmericanApparel.net [8]
  9. Slickdeals.net [9]
  10. DocuSign.net [10]