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Barry Moltz Barry Moltz gets small business owners unstuck. With decades of entrepreneurial ventures as well as consulting with countless other entrepreneurs, he has discovered the formula to get business owners marching forward. His newest book, BAM! shows how in a social media world, customer service is the new marketing.

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  1. This seems like a very useful tool to help businesses either stay on track and expand or get back on track and become competitive again. I will have to site down later and see what my business scores and see if their are any improvements I can make.

  2. Sorry, but I found this test to be way too subjective to have ANY value. For instance, under ‘Customer Annuities’ the test fails to take into account that some businesses (like as accountants) are such that they have to have long-term contracts with clients whereas others (such as coffee shops) may have a loyal following but they still need a steady influx of new customers in order to thrive.

  3. Barry Moltz

    This is exactly the point…coffee shops are a higher risk business then accountants. The coffee shop needs to receate it revenue daily.

  4. Aira Bongco

    This is a rather interesting way on looking at small businesses. I guess there really should be some points for the good things that a certain company is doing. I agree on the employee retention part. A company should be able to retain employees for 5 years.

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