The Norwegian Startup “Confr” Launches a New Global Phone Conferencing App

OSLO, Norway, January 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Today Confr launches the world’s fastest phone conference app. You can invite and participate in a phone conference in seconds. Download it for free from iTunes:

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Confr is to phone conferencing what Dropbox is to file sharing – a radical simplification of something people always need to do anywhere in the world.

After successfully launching out of private beta at the Telecom Tech World in London a few weeks back, Confr unveils the fastest way of phone conferencing with anyone, anywhere in the world.

Confr, powered by the latest mobile and web technologies, use a traditional stable phone connection to connect you with as many people as you want. You invite and participate in a conference in seconds, locally and cross-border. There is no internet required, you can use any device to participate and there’s no installation and no access codes needed. Confr blends latest generation tech to provide the simplest way to arrange, manage, and historically archive conference calls on the web and relies on the traditional infrastructure of a normal phone call to make sure call quality is great and everyone can participate.

Confr is a challenger to the big global telecom players that deliver old school and expensive solutions to millions of business users around the world. The audio meeting market size is about 4 Billion US dollars and growing.

Why is Confr better than Google Hangouts and Skype?

Google Hangouts and Skype are great alternatives when everyone involved is in an office or home with a good internet connection. But as most businesses know, over different locations and timezones with many participants, these tools don’t really do the trick. What the majority of people have on a train, bus, cafe, restaurant, or other places they visit is a phone connection. With Confr, you’re sure that the people you invite can hear you and that they can participate. For a business, this is a really important thing, and the big telecom companies are still earning huge margins by charging through the roof. There are situations where Google Hangouts are better and free, but as we’ve noticed by running an international company – you never know what situation the other participant is in, and this can cost your company more money in time than by paying for a great service that just works.

Benefits of using Confr and what’s new:

  • The world’s fastest phone conference tool for the host and the participant.
  • You can use Confr for free every month.
  • No PIN and Room ID required, Confr uses technology to understand who is calling in from where and what conference call they should be placed in.
  • Support more than 40 countries. Call locally, connect globally. We are continuously adding support for new countries.
  • Set up a conference call in seconds from web or mobile and integrate your Google and iPhone contacts, and Google Calendar.
  • Invitations sent by SMS and email. You reach people, anywhere, whether they are in the office or on the go.
  • Every participant receives a local number to call, no matter what country they’re in.
  • Archive your conference calls to go back at any time and get critical numbers related to each call.
  • Create a team account to manage billing, groups, and conferences in seconds.

Co-founder and CEO Mats Sandvig explains:

“From our previous experiences of building a successful startup, we learned that having a team spread out in different locations requires some excellent tools to be able to collaborate in a good way. We tried just about everything, but nothing worked as expected. This motivated us to create Confr – something simple, fast and cost-efficient.

We used our unique development and telecom experience to create a tool that will change the everyday calling experience for people and companies around the globe. I am very flattered for the amazing feedback we got from the telecom tech environment in London. It shows that there’s a huge need for this.

During the three month beta period, over 2000 people across the world have created or participated in conferences hosted through Confr. I am looking to the continuation.


Confr is built by The Comet Cult who have wide experience in software development and telecommunication technology. They have successfully built one of the most advanced cloud-telecom systems in the Nordic market (Oyatel), being used by thousands of people every day. The summer of 2013 they decided to make a step forward and build a new global product. Confr is self-financed and bootstrapped by the team. The team is based in Oslo, Trondheim, Gdansk, Warsaw and London.



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