Top Question in Our Business Community: Are You Afraid of Publicity?

Top Question in Our Business Community: Are You Afraid of Publicity?

It’s time again for another community news and information roundup. We’ve gathered contributions from across our small business community and from the contributors and blogs we’ve been following the most this week. We hope you find it helpful.

Don’t Be Afraid of Publicity Market Witchcraft

Copywriter Patrysha Korchinski observes that one problem many small businesses may face when marketing is an actual fear of publicity. If you fear the notoriety publicity will give you, remember that marketing is about trying to stand out. It may be time to rethink your priorities. Read more.

Main Streets Programs Promote Small Business Salem Main Streets

Does your community have a Main Streets program. These programs can create promotional events and help market the small businesses in your community in many ways. Read about Salem, Mass.’s unique program and its efforts to promote small business in the community.

Connecting with Customers Milwaukee Community Journal

You’ve heard it all before. Start a blog for your business. Start a Facebook page. Start working at developing word of mouth. These aren’t just motions to go through. They are absolutely necessary to build a connection with your customers, reports C. Daniel Baker.

Business Relationships are Key

Another thing we hear often is about the importance of relationships in business. What we mention less often perhaps is that for entrepreneurs like Bonnie-Ross Parker, CEO and founder of Xperience Connections, helping foster those relationships can be a business in itself.

What Really Makes Your Brand Great? The Hashbrown

Graphics guy Jacob Hershberger starts out discussing the pros and cons of the new logo for the 2014 Sochi Olympics and then ends with a fascinating question. It gets to the heart of how logos really work. The question looks at what really goes into building an effective brand?

Mobile Will Change Your Marketing Think Tank Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is changing the business landscape. Fortunately, an increasing amount of data tells us what’s going on out there. Here’s an infographic with 12 statistics you absolutely need to be aware of, according to the folks at Think Tank.

Don’t Be a Master of Distraction Zero Geek Speak!

You’ve heard of hands free technology to make communicating while driving easier and (in theory) safer. Yeah, well, not everyone is convinced. Communications specialist William Brown has another take.

Why Are Customers Afraid of Your Online Store? Jeremy Said

Let’s face it. If customers don’t trust your online store, they are not going to buy from you. Business trainer Jeremy Smith has some insights about what might create lack of trust in your website.

Create a Community to Deliver Business Help BizSugar Blog

Suppose you run a business consulting service, but you find some clients aren’t able to pay. Perhaps it’s time to switch from a fee-based service. Build a community instead and charge for membership. Devan Perine shares the strategy behind EnMast.

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  1. It’s nice to see how articles are now focusing more on relationships and communications. It seems that there really is a shift from the focus on money to the focus on customers and relationships.