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Toshiba Unveils What It Claims Are the World’s First Ultra HD Laptops

tecra w50

The same ultra high definition image display that will soon be in new TVs is coming to laptops, too. Toshiba has announced two new ultra high definition laptops. One will be most useful to businesses with high end video editing, graphics or other design work.

The Tecra W50 and Satellite P50t will have Ultra HD 4K resolution. (That’s more than 4,000 pixels or about four times the resolution of normal high definition TV.)

Both high-end laptops will have a 15.6-inch display with 3840×2160 resolution.

In a prepared statement introducing the laptops, Toshiba vice president of marketing and engineering Carl Pinto said [1]:

“As a leader in Ultra HD, we are leveraging our 4K TV expertise to deliver a display capable of four times the resolution of Full HD to provide smoother images with astounding details. We have applied years of experience and engineering resources to bring Ultra HD 4K technology into our premium laptops for consumers and businesses so they can usher in the next generation of content creation and consumption.”

Toshiba says the Tecra W50 is equipped to run intensive image and graphics programs like AutoCAD and SolidWorks. It has 2GB of dedicated video memory to handle the workload.

Here’s a peek at the device from “tech legend:”


Toshiba says the Satellite P50t is designed to be a more portable device and features touchscreen interfacing.¬†Though the company considers it more of an entertainment computer, it’s easy to see how this device could be used for mobile business too — depending on the price tag. And that’s the issue.

No cost has been linked to either of these Toshiba laptops in the official company announcement. (They’re expected to be available in mid-2014.) But considering the relatively new 4K video technology and Ultra HD displays, we can assume they will be expensive.

Image: Tech Legend Video Still