Do You Mind If I Undermine Your Authority?

undermine authority cartoon

Sometimes, you don’t need a clever turn of phrase to make a cartoon. Sometimes, you don’t need to find a connection among seemingly unassociated ideas. Sometimes, you don’t need to set up a pun, or turn something upside down, or draw a really funny exaggerated pose.

Sometimes, all it takes is pointing out something we’ve all experienced – acknowledging it plainly and simply.


Mark Anderson Mark Anderson's cartoons appear in publications including Forbes, The Wall Street Journal and Harvard Business Review. His business cartoons are available for licensing at his website,

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  1. And we do it every day. Yes I know your the sale man and you know your product better anybody, but my friend said … .

  2. Yup. I’ve seen people do what your cartoon depicts many a time. It’s interesting to see the different ways people handle it when they find themselves in that situation.