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The 3 Musts for an Effective Landing Page

marketing tips infographic [1]

A landing page is a single webpage where you want potential customers to land in order to capture leads for sales. There are many different features you can include on a landing page. You likely want to include enough information to capture interest and drive sales, but not enough to distract them from your main point.

To help businesses sort out the essential elements from the distractions, PPC Hero [2] details what they deem to be the must-haves of an effective landing page.

The three most important features to consider, according to an infographic they produced are [click to see full infographic [1]]:

It’s important to keep the overall landing page goal in mind when putting it together. The infographic states:

“37% of B2B companies and 56% of B2C companies say increasing lead-to-conversion rate as their most critical landing page goal. . . .62% of B2B companies and 34% of B2C companies say increasing lead gen is their most critical landing page goal.”

So your business should have a clearly outlined goal for its landing page and you should always keep that goal in mind when building it.

There’s so much advice available for how to create an effective landing page. Different types of businesses will create different pages, but no matter what your business sells, you’ll need a page that tells them why they should buy your product, shows them examples, and gives them a way to purchase or learn more.

That’s why the three aspects mentioned above are considered musts.

Image: PPC Hero