Confide App Lets Businesses Keep Text Messages Off-the-Record

confide app

A new app called Confide allows you to take your text messages off-the-record, for business or other purposes. The app is so far available for download to iPhone only.

The way Confide works is a bit different than a traditional messenger service. To read a message, a recipient needs to swipe over orange blocks that let you read only one word at a time.

The previous word changes to a gray block when read. When the message is read entirely, it is permanently deleted, even from Confide’s server. That enables you to keep text messages private.

In order to exchange messages, both sender and recipient must have the app downloaded.

A person receiving a message through the Confide app will not be able to forward it to another person, save it on their phone or even take a screenshot of it. Confide Co-Founder Jon Brod told Fox Business Network that if someone tries to take a screenshot of a message, they’re “kicked out of the app.” The sender and the recipient are alerted of the violation of terms immediately.

The idea for Confide came to Co-Founders Brod and Howard Lerman while attempting to have a confidential exchange via email. The two wanted to speak candidly about a prospective employee but didn’t feel secure discussing the topic knowing files of their conversation would remain. In a post on the official Confide blog, Brod explains:

“This summer, Howard Lerman emailed me asking for a reference on someone who had worked for me. I replied the way most people do in that situation: ‘Hey. Would rather not put this in writing. I’ll call you…’ It was clear that there are all kinds of things professionals are willing to say but not put in writing. In those situations, Email and SMS fail. And in-person meetings or phone calls are often not possible or convenient.”

In its review of Confide, PC Mag notes that, unlike other encrypted messaging services like Wickr, Confide is for text only and doesn’t allow users to send photos or video.

This also sets Confide apart from more general use apps like SnapChat, which also delete messages sent to select people in your network but generally includes visual content.

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  1. Wow that’s interesting. But I don’t think it is that valuable to businesses who keep a lot of information. I personally prefer messages to be stored so that I can open it later to verify anything. I think this can only work if the business is handling confidential information.